Builders: 7 Simple Reasons Why You Should NOT Sell Your House to a Developer?

Are you living in your forever home and a developer approaches you with an offer to sell your house subject to planning permission?  You may be struggling to imagine living anywhere else as your home is perfect on all fronts.

You feel under pressure as your neighbours have signed what seems like an enticing offer and you have no idea how to approach negotiations or whether the offer being made is good or bad?

Let’s face it, builders or property developers are hardly the most trusted professionals, are they?

We will review what offers a developer has made you, how to get a second opinion and see if it best to take the offer or not.

Can I sell my house to a property developer?

Whether you wish to sell your home to a developer largely depends on your personal circumstances, your lifestyle, and whether you or not you are settled in your forever home.

Yes, you can sell your home to a developer, but do you really want to? 

Here are seven reasons why selling your property to a builder might be a bad idea:


  1. The offer made is only on paper, is not legally binding and comes with many get-out clauses for the builder.
  1. Losing any cherished memories within your home. You may have built an extension with a loved one, and now that he/she has passed away, it is not easy to let go of the property as it holds sentimental value.
  1. You feel settled in your home. You have family nearby to support you and visit you.  Moving now means finding another property that meets your needs and bungalows are in short supply.  Builders often target bungalows with large garden plots.
  1. The price agreed does not mean that that’s the price you will get. Often a builder will present you with what might seem like a great deal on paper until you start to look into the detail.  Builders tend to beat the price down to last penny by coming up with all sorts of ‘issues’ including property being on flood plain or the need to accommodate affordable housing.  Y0u will be paying for it by taking a reduction in price. 
  1. Once planning permission has been granted, the builder could approach you with planning conditions and how this is an extra cost that wasn’t planned into their original offer and ask you to reduce the price.


  1. Overage clause isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Let’s say that builder has agreed to pay you either a fixed sum or a percentage of increased value.  As soon as he/she buys the property from you, he/she will then transfer it at same value or lower value to their development company thus in theory, they don’t owe you a penny in overage clause.
  1. You could go through a lot of unnecessary stress and hassle of gaining agreement of your neighbours only to find out that one neighbour who holds a ransom plot, usually where access is required, isn’t willing to sell anymore.

You might become fed-up of the hassle, constant peer pressure from neighbours ‘encouraging you’ to sell.  All this pestering can get a little too much to deal with specially if you are having health problems.  You’ve made up your mind that enough is enough.  You were living peacefully before the developer arrived and now not a day goes by when someone mention planning permission or moving out.

In our opinion, builders should be avoided like a plague.  With not a guaranteed sale, the amount of stress they put elderly couples through is not necessary – all for their personal selfish gain.

What if you could today discreetly without your builder or neighbour finding out?

Aerial view of newly built homes
Building site can become a sore site with constant noise, disruption and traffic.

Discreet sale to Property Saviour

Sellers trust us with their most prized asset – their home.  We’ve been asked to provide second opinion on builders’ offers, and we are quite happy to have a chat with you.  There is no cost to speak with us.  We are happy to act as a sounding board.  We are ethical and transparent in our approach.  We will tell you if you’d be better off going with an offer from developer, negotiating better terms or create competition for your builder by auctioning your property.  If you are builder is wearing you down, don’t accept their offer until you have spoken with us.

We speak with sellers who are fed-up with dealing with developers and their forever moving goalposts and price reduction in offers.

We are not developers or builders.  We are professional property investors who are buying property with cash and enabling you to start looking forward to peaceful life again.  Whether you have found your ideal home or not, we can assist you with that too.

We can help by offering you a discreet sale of your property.  No for sale board will ever go up and you can sell within a few days of contacting us.

There are no estate agency fees.  No delays or excuses.  We will indemnify searches meaning solicitors can move on quickly.  We also pay £1,500 towards your legal fees.

The price we agree is the price we pay.  All you to have to do is take some photos of your home and send them to us, we will then make an indicative cash offer and if you accept, we can do a viewing discreetly and then purchase the property.

If you feel you deserve the peace and a quiet life again, call us now.