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Can I Sell My Ex-Council House Back to The Council? 😕

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Whether your council will buy back your ex-council house depends on their financial circumstances and whether they are actively buying properties.  With austerity cuts, councils are struggling to make ends meet – and they aren’t obliged to buy.

Whether you are selling an ex-local housing association property or an ex-council house, the good news is that we’ll buy it in its current condition. Watch this video or read the rest of this article:

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Do councils buy back ex council houses?

Absolutely, you can if you own it.  But think about who will want to buy your ex-council house and live next door to council tenants.

Selling an ex-council property can be difficult as the whole process is frustrating with lots of delays.  If you need to sell a property within a fixed timeframe, there’s no guarantee that an estate agent can find you a motivated buyer.

If you wish to sell an ex-council house that you own, you can sell it to a professional cash buyer such as Property Saviour, who will buy any property regardless of its condition. Get in touch with us today:

Sell with certainty & speed

Will the council buy my house back?

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that the council will buy back your house because of lack of funding, as most councils have overspent their budgets and declared bankruptcy.

Selling an ex-council house is never easy. Most were built using non-standard construction materials and, therefore, are unmortgageable.

The good news is that you can sell your house privately to us.

brief case full of pound notes
If you are thinking of selling to a cash buyer, ask for most recent bank statement as most 'cash buyers' lack 'cash'.

Do housing associations buy back properties?

Housing associations are heavily reliant on government funding to house the vulnerable members of our society, and as such, their funds are limited.  The reason for their properties was to raise more cash, so unless they have secured additional funds, they are unlikely to buy private or ex-housing association homes.

If you aren’t in a rush to sell, we recommend selling through a good estate agent.  Should I Sell My House Via an Estate Agent?

If your ex-housing association property is in a run-down area or needs work, and you need the certainty of a quick sale, we can help.  As a genuine cash house-buying company with a track record of many Success Stories, we’ll complete the sale quickly & pay £1,500 towards your legal fees.

Sell with certainty & speed

What if my local authority will not buy my ex-council house?

It is no secret that councils are struggling with their finances up and down the country.  They aren’t obliged to buy your home.  However, you can consider selling your ex-council home on the open market if it is not built as a non-standard construction, such as a BISF house. 

Even if your local council has the funds to buy your home, they are unlikely to pay you full market value because they can’t afford to.  Councils aren’t renowned for their efficiency or speed, so they are likely to drag their feet and cause delays to your sale.

Exercising your right to buy was a smart decision.  If you need to sell your house in a hurry, we are the ones who can help.

Can I sell my house back to the council and still live in it?

In a word, no.  You can’t sell your house back to the council and expect them to let you stay there.  This is because they have a long waiting list of tenants.  There used to be a scheme called Sale and Rent Back run by several private We Buy Any House companies, but since then, FCA has regulated this industry. 

If you have been offered a Sale and Rent back option, please make sure the company is regulated by the FCA.

can i sell my ex-council house back to council
Councils are likely to drag their feet when buy your home.

How much is my council house worth?

It is so easy to look at the Zoopla price estimation tool that gives you an automatic valuation to determine how much your house is worth.  It is important to recognise that a 3-bed house across the street from yours that isn’t ex-council is likely to be worth more than an ex-council house.  There are several considerations here:

Ex-council houses tend to be passed on in families from father to son or daughter as part of their inheritance and to help them get onto the housing ladder.  Therefore, there are very few sales of ex-council properties to compare your home. 

Another factor is the build quality.  The materials used in council houses tend to be cheaper, affecting the life expectancy and a higher repair/maintenance bill.

Under the council’s Right to Buy scheme, you may have received a discount of up to 50% against the value of the property as a valued tenant.  It is highly likely that if you try to sell your ex-council house within five years of purchase, you will have to pay that discount back to the council – effectively wiping away any potential for profit or equity release.

If you have owned your home for longer than 10 years, it is possible that your property has gone up in price.  This is where we can help. We can make you a cash offer for your property in return for buying it ‘as is’ condition with no estate agents or solicitors fee – and you decide when you wish for the sale to complete.

Do councils buy back houses?

Councils with surplus cash and aren’t facing bankruptcies are likely to buy back houses, particularly in the Greater London area, where there’s a shortage of housing stock. However, these councils are few and far between.

Still, get in touch with them and see what they say.

Alternatively, if you aren’t in a rush to sell, sell your home to an estate agent.  That’s your best chance of achieving the full market value as a cash buyer will only pay around 75% of value because they need to make a profit.

Is it hard to sell ex council house?

It is hard to sell an ex-council house due to the condition or the build of the property.  Most were built using cheap materials and built quickly, so they are unmortgageable.

You can sell your property quickly to a cash house-buying company like Property Saviour.  If you go with this option, you won’t have to worry about what to do to your house to sell it. 

There are other nuances as well – for example, if council owns more than 50% of flats in a council owned block of flats, it would make them unmortgageable.  It appears that lenders do not like the council being a freeholder.

Property Saviour will buy your property for cash in its current condition, and there’s no need to spend thousands of pounds renovating a property.

This option is ideal for sellers who need to sell their property within a fixed timescale.  It could be because they are moving abroad or the property needs some updating, and therefore, only a cash house buyer can buy it. 

The benefits of having a cash buyer are that you can sell property discreetly and quickly without the hassle of dealing with mortgage-dependent buyers.  Selling a house can be complex for a traditional buyer, but this does not apply to us.  You do not need an estate agent because you are dealing directly with a cash house buyer. 

We can exchange contracts within a week and complete at a timescale that suits you.  It also means you get certainty and speed of sale.  We’ll pay £1,500 towards your legal fees.  The price we offer is the price you’ll receive.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Sell with certainty & speed

Do councils buy private houses?

It depends on their finances. There is a shortage of affordable housing stock and a long waiting list of council tenants.  Is it worth speaking to your council to see if they’d buy a private house?

Unfortunately, don’t be surprised if your call isn’t returned, as this is the feedback we are getting from homeowners who have tried this option.

 However, as sale and rent back is an FCA-regulated activity, almost all councils don’t buy directly from homeowners.  We can help.

Here’s why sellers trust us:

auction hammer

Property Saviour Price Promise

  • The price we’ll offer is the price that you will receive with no hidden deductions.
  • Be careful with ‘cash buyers’ who require a valuation needed for a mortgage or bridging loan.
  • These valuations or surveys result in delays and price reductions later on.
  • We are cash buyers.  There are no surveys.
  • We always provide proof of funds with every formal offer issued.

We'll Pay £1,500 Towards Your Legal Fees

  • No long exclusivity agreement to sign because we are the buyers.
  • You are welcome to use your own solicitor. 
  • If you don’t have one, we can ask our solicitors for recommendations.
  • We share our solicitor’s details and issue a Memorandum of Sale. 

Sell With Certainty & Speed

  • Our approach is transparent and ethical, which is why sellers trust us.
  • 100% Discretion guaranteed. 
  • If you have another buyer, you can put us in a contracts race to see who completes first.
  • Complete in 10 days or at a timescale that works for you.  You are in control.

Sell with certainty & speed

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