Disgruntled tenant set fire to house following eviction

Jay was a landlord from Huddersfield, who had a house that he rented out in Bradford, West Yorkshire. After Jay’s tenant did not pay her rent for several months, he took her to court. Bailiffs were called to evict the tenant and the tenant threatened to burn down the house.

Problem: How to sell a fire-damaged house?

As the fire damage was so extensive, it was uninhabitable and structurally unsound. When Jay visited the property to meet the loss assessor, a local resident claimed the fire had destroyed his cannabis crop, and thus the property would be set on fire again! Can you imagine the stress?

It took Jay another year to get a settlement from the insurance company.  All this time spent making calls and dealing with admin processes was a huge emotional burden.

Fire damaged house with burnt roof and smashed up windows in Bradford
Bradford buy-to-let house destroyed by arson attack

Option 1: Rebuild the burned house

Jay decided that after all the upset and stress, he wanted to just sell the property in its current state, rather than going through the extra work of rebuilding the house following the fire. Many of our clients feel the same way.  We completely understand that you want a quick and painless way to get away from the memories.

Option 2: Sell the house in a damaged state

Jay started looking for information about how to sell a fire-damaged house quickly and came across Property Saviour online.  We are used to dealing with houses that are generally unsaleable on the open market, or unmortgageable due to their state of damage or disrepair froms fires, floods and disaster. We can either help you go to auction or get you a cash price for your property.

We took a look at the condition of the house and made a fair offer, which Jay accepted.

Result: Fire-damaged house sold for cash!

Property Saviour paid his legal fees on top of the purchase price meaning zero deductions for Jay. The sale of the house was completed within 2 weeks. Jay was very grateful for our help and was able to move on with his life.

quick cash house buyers

If your house is too damaged by fire to sell it on the open market, we can help. We specialise in selling fire-damaged properties quickly and aim to give you the best cash price, so you can move on.
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