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Unable to sell commercial property with a squatter

Keith owned a workshop with a small detached office at the front of the building. When Keith retired in 2018, he was able to find a tenant to run his business. On the surface, everything was good. The tenant paid his rent on time by standing order. But what he did not know was that his tenant’s employee had moved into the office.

Keith sold his squatter occupied factory

Problem: How to sell a commercial property with a squatter?

The tenant’s employee moved into the warehouse since she had fallen on hard times and lost her home because of repossession. To make matters worse, the office was illegally converted into a residential dwelling with no planning permission in place.

Option 1: Evict the squatter

When the tenant served notice to vacate the property, it became clear that the squatter was not going to move.  The lengthy legal processes and associated costs of removing a squatter from your property can often prove rather stressful on both the landlord, property agent, and the tenant’s mental health.

The law does not offer the same protection to commercial landlords as it does to residential landlords, and as such, commercial cases have to go through a County Court. Even if you win your case, in order to enforce the judgment it is often necessary to instruct High Court Enforcement Agents (bailiffs), which can be expensive.

Furthermore, the Courts were closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic meaning that Keith would not have the usual channels available to him.

Option 2: Sell your property to us with the squatter

Keith turned to Google to find a solution; on looking up how to sell his commercial property for cash, he found Property Saviour.

We carried out a discreet valuation of the property without alerting the tenant. Property Saviour is a trustworthy business with a reputation for getting things done.  We also understand the human aspects of our industry plus the need for landlords to balance costs and benefits – therefore we strive to find options to help you sell your commercial property with the least impact on you.


Commercial property sold fast

I had a property to sell in Bradford – a commercial property – and Property Saviour were very interested. They came and visited and were happy with the property. Everything went perfectly, no problems. I would recommend them to anyone.

Result: Commercial property sold for cash!

Keith agreed to a price that he was happy with and Property Saviour was able to buy the commercial warehouse and office for cash, with a tenant and squatter in situ. The sale was completed within 4 weeks from start to finish.  Keith was delighted with how the sale progressed.  Our testimonial video was recorded when the keys were collected from his home.

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