Discreet Sale: Sell Your Home With Weed Smoking Neighbour

The pungent smell of cannabis can be repulsive whether you are having a quiet afternoon or showing your house to any would-be buyers.  It is incredibly selfish of your neighbours to smoke weed.  We do not understand why it is become an increasingly accepted practice within our society.

It is illegal to smoke cannabis.  You might be going about your business as normal as you inhale a great big whiff of your neighbour’s spliff.  If it is happening right next door to you then what can you do about it?

Some cannabis smokers say that it is part of their religious belief to smoke it and therefore, you can’t deny them their basic right in a free society.  Others use it to help them with pain relief or as an alternative form of therapy.  There are hundreds of products that use cannabis extracts and these products are called CBD derived.

We will show you how you can sell your property discreetly without your neighbour finding out if you have had enough of passively smelling cannabis.

Can you complain about neighbours smoking weed?

If you can’t stomach the stench of cannabis anymore, you could report it to your local Police.  It is likely that your neighbour might come up with a ‘medical reason’ for using the drug – and with reduction in Police force, they probably are too busy issuing speeding fines than citizen breaking the drugs law. 

You could confront your neighbour specially if they are suspected of supplying it to wider public – if they have regular comings and goings.  This is likely to lead to a confrontation and potentially aggressive behaviours towards you or your family members.

Young female smoking joint with cannabis while playing on music instruments at home with friends
Odour from cannabis can be very difficult to mask due to its pungent smell that can travel.

Will the police do anything about my neighbours smoking weed?

If your neighbours are heavy smokers of weed, the smell can easily seep into your property and cause an asthmatic attack.  There is also an increased risk of fire as your neighbour gets high, he/she may become forgetful of their surroundings.  A dropped spliff could result in fire damage to your property.

Police may act against your neighbour but only if they find a large quantity of cannabis.  There is also the possibility that your neighbours might be ‘growing their own crop’ by planting a few trees in the loft or one of their bedrooms – and that’s why you can’t get rid of the smell.

Council or private tenants smoking cannabis?

If your next-door neighbours are council tenants smoking weed, you could report them to the council.  They might demand ‘evidence’. 

It is difficult for you to ‘bottle the smell’ for the council worker sat in their comfortable chair.  It is your word against theirs and they may start using words like you are making an allegation against our tenant.

Councils still think Covid19 is rampant and are using this an excuse.  You may have to wait for several months before the council will start investigating.  If you are very lucky, the tenants might get evicted several months later – only to be replaced with identical weed smokers, and the whole cycle starts again.

If your neighbours are private tenants, you can complain to their landlord or letting agent – if you know who they are.  You might be able to Google property’s address, and it might show you who was advertising the property to let.  Or you can simply pay Land Registry to find out who the owner is and contact them.

Landlords do not publish their home address so you will have to track him/her down.  If their tenant’s drug use is causing a nuisance and you live in a block of flats, they could be in breach of their lease.  It will be a long road as the freeholder will have to take the landlord to court for breach of lease.  However, as the freeholder will have to fund the legal costs upfront, they are highly likely not to take this route.

The easier route is to sell your home and move on.

If I sell, do I have to declare my weed smoking neighbours?

Nobody will want to buy your house unless they enjoy occasional cannabis spliff themselves.  If they are heavy smokers, the odour will come into your garden, seep in through the walls or if you open a window, you will get a strong whiff.  To the weed smoker, it is just a ‘waft’ but it can give you a real headache when it comes to selling your home.  If you have small children, you won’t want to explain to them what’s that smell.

By law, you must declare a material fact that could influence a buyer’s decision to buy your property.  Hiding the smell by opening windows, use of strong incense smells and air purifier to cover-up the smell won’t help your cause.

If your buyer finds out that you failed to disclose this information, he/she could sue you.

You can declare this to us, we are genuine cash buyers who will guarantee to buy any house.

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