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How To Sell A House When It Can’t Be Physically Viewed?

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Potential home buyers are often instantly sold when they walk into their dream house. In the current climate, where that isn’t possible, one might question if selling a home is still possible without buyers being able to see it in person.

After all, the feeling of falling in love with a home is hard to replicate just by looking at pictures and reading advert descriptions. But there is a way to show off a house’s best features even without people being able to walk through the door. Here’s how.

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Basic Guide To Selling A House

Now that you understand how you can sell a house when potential buyers can’t view it in person, let’s review some home-selling basics. Firstly, think about if you want to sell the house.

If you want larger space, consider renovating a loft or building an extension as the costs of buying and selling can be high. To get a rough estimate of the house’s worth, use Land Registry data or sites like Rightmove and Zoopla.

Don’t forget to factor in costs like early repayment fees for your mortgage, and removals costs.

Then, consider what you’ll do after you move. It may be easier to rent a home while you’re trying to sell, but that can add to your expenses. Get an estate agent to help you if you’re not going to show your home yourself.

You’ll need the paperwork about your house, such as receipts for any work you’ve done, guarantees and warranties, FENTAS certificates, and an EPC. Your home will need an inspection if the EPC is outdated.

Finally, make sure to prepare your home. Deep clean, paint, repair, and improve the lighting.

Clean windows, replace heavy drapes with lighter sheers and add lamps and mirrors to darker areas. Then, you’re ready to show your home to potential buyers – even if they can’t walk through the door.

When Viewings Aren’t Possible?

Taking pictures of your house is a great way to highlight its features to potential buyers, even if they can’t view it in person.

If you’ve already moved out, staging your home can make it easier to get the perfect shot. If you still live in the house, make sure it’s spotless to show it in its best light. Lots of pictures will help buyers visualize your home and make it easier to sell.

Creating a video walkthrough can also help buyers get a better feel for the house. You don’t need expensive camera equipment – just use your mobile phone and film in landscape orientation.

To make the footage look professional, you should learn the basics of framing and lighting. After you shoot the video, edit it with the software your phone has, then post it online.

A floor plan of your house can also be helpful. You can draw a rough sketch and then send it to a professional service for a low fee. They can then create a more detailed plan, which will help buyers understand how the space is laid out.

If social distancing is a concern, you may be able to set up viewings of your house without being present. Have your estate agent or, if you’re selling privately, install a key box for potential buyers to access.

When buyers wish to view your house, you can check that no one else is in the space, and they can access the key on their own.

How To Sell A House When It Can’t Be Physically Viewed
When buyers wish to view your house, you can check that no one else is in the space, and they can access the key on their own.

The Next Steps

If you’ve managed to locate a potential buyer, thanks to your hard work in terms of photography and videography, they will usually want to view the property before exchanging contracts.

They’ll need to learn how to make an offer on a home they haven’t seen yet. For you, it’s just a case of accepting the offer and having your conveyancing solicitor talk to theirs to exchange draft contracts. After that, there’ll be a few activities that will take place in your home.

The buyers’ inspectors will need to come in and do a valuation and, if the buyer requests it, a structural survey.

Once these reports are in, both of you will need to draw up final contracts via your respective solicitors to finalise the sale and move forward with the paperwork. In this situation, finding a way for the buyer to view the property is of the utmost importance.

Do You Have to See It to Buy It?

The key point is that you don’t need to visit a place to be taken with it. A lot of buyers can tell if the home is right for them just by checking out photos, videos, and the floor plan.

Even if you can’t do a tour, you can still sell your house. Try to make sure its positive qualities stand out online as much as possible.

Any thoughts about selling your home?

Are you looking to sell your house? We buy houses in any condition. Get in touch if you are thinking of selling.

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