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Tips For Selling an Unsellable House

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Selling an unsellable house in the UK can be a challenging task, but it is not impossible. There are several strategies that you can use to increase your chances of finding a buyer and selling your home quickly, with the least amount of stress and hassle. 

Consider alternative sale options: If you are having difficulty finding a traditional buyer, you may want to consider alternative sale options such as selling to
a cash house buyer or renting the property out.

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What makes a house unsellable in the UK?

The condition of the property is the primary reason houses become unsellable. 

The second reason is tenanted properties where the tenants are not cooperative, live in messy conditions or refuse to pay the rent. We’ll still buy them.

Tips for selling an unsellable house

Here are our top 9 tips for getting your unsellable home sold quickly.   By following these tips, you can increase your chances of selling your unsellable house quickly and with the least amount of stress and hassle:

1. Tackle on neglected jobs around the house

If your house is in need of repairs, it is important to address these issues before putting it on the market. This may include making cosmetic improvements, such as painting or updating fixtures, or completing more significant repairs, such as fixing structural issues.

Make your house a home
Make a house a home by taking on neglected jobs including painting the interior of house to make it more appealing.

2. Maximise your home's appeal

Take steps to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. This may include decluttering and staging the property, or adding features that increase its value.

3. Price your home to sell

Setting the right price for your home is critical to attracting potential buyers. If your home is priced too high, you may deter potential buyers, but if it is priced too low, you may lose out on potential profits.

declutter, sell or donate items
The process of selling a home starts with decluttering, selling and donating excess items to give it a minimalist look, feel and purpose.

4. Hire the best estate agent in your area who has sold the most homes

Hire the very best estate agent in your area, the one who has sold most homes according to Rightmove.

Incentivise your estate agent to sell your home with extra bonus and if he/she achieves over a certain figure he/she get a bonus payment from you as a thank you.

Estate agents often do a thankless task.  They don’t work for you.  Always remember to work with your estate agent together if you are going to make the house move of your dreams.  Work with your estate agent.  A good estate agent can help you navigate the process of selling an unsellable house and can provide valuable insights and expertise. They can also help you market your home effectively and negotiate the best possible price.  It is a partnership.

Honesty is the best policy and encourage open and clear communication and tell your agent that you aren’t easily offended so be frank.  Ask your estate agent why they believe the property is not selling, with their honest and constructive feedback.

As a top tip, don’t encourage your estate agent to put price on application and keep buyers guessing! It might put people off.

5. Get professional photographer to take photos

Having wide angle photography is useful; however, remember that it will look like your house shrunk in the eyes of prospective buyers when they visit. Can you remember the size of chocolate bars when we were children compared to nowadays?

6. Insist on having a floor plan

We strongly suggest you get one because it makes figuring out the room layout easier and matches it up with the description and photographs.

It is very difficult to sell an unfinished project, so it pays to make your home more appealing by finishing any outstanding maintenance job so it doesn’t look unloved.

how to sell unsellable house

7. Self critique your home on Rightmove

Look at your house advert that is online on Rightmove for example:

  • Are the photos as good as they can be?
  • Does the property description excite you
  • Does the property listing stand out from the competition?
  • Your agent must keep your property pictures updated. You do not want to be showing off your garden full of snow when sun shines in Easter!
A partially finished property development
Selling an unsellable house? We can help because we are genuine cash buyers - ready, willing and able.

8. Make a great first impression every single time!

It always pays to keep your home looking good during the sale of your property from well-manicured gardens to a front drive that is inviting, with clean windows and no left-over maintenance jobs in sight.

If a light bulb needs changing, then this can have a negative effect at a viewing because, in the buyer’s mind, if you can’t change your light bulb, what other maintenance jobs are overlooked?

Get rid of all distractions such as children, last night’s dishes, and that pile of ironing before your viewings take place.

You only have one chance at making a first impression, and most first-time buyers will have formed a distinct opinion within less than five minutes of stepping through your property’s front door.

9. Outsource your viewings and ensure get estate agent to follows up

Have you been doing your own viewings and finding them too stressful? Or, if you believe that an independent voice will be much better, consider asking the estate agent to take over the viewings.

Good estate agents will have shown thousands of properties to many prospective buyers, and they will be able to develop the conversation to suit your buyers’ needs. You need to insist that whoever is showing your home knows it well enough so they do not come across like a bad magician who is throwing open a door and announcing that this house has a fantastic ensuite bathroom only to find themselves and the buyer disappointingly looking at the cupboards you can use to store your towels.

After the viewing, you must demand that your estate agent follow up and provide you with the buyers’ honest thoughts, particularly why it is not of interest to them. I often find it useful to ask those buyers what they thought of the asking price as they will have probably viewed a handful of your competitors, and this may highlight a pricing issue early on that can be dealt with now. I knew it! Here comes the bit where he will tell us to drop the price, another typical estate agent! – I can almost hear you say.

Make sure that your estate agent is keeping in regular contact with you and that you updated them with any change to your circumstances or your home itself, such as you have now seen a great house at a bargain price and are now more open to negotiation than before or you have finally re-decorated that back bedroom and replaced the swirly patterned carpet from the 1980’s that still had years of stains in it.

What to do if your house is unsellable?

Whether you are trying to sell an unfinished house or wondering if you should disclose the history of flooding when selling, you can sell your property to Property Saviour.  We will guarantee to buy any house in any condition.

Once we’ve agreed on the price, we will move on to the legal process and complete the purchase within two weeks or quicker if your circumstances dictate a faster sale.  

We will also pay £1,500 towards your legal fees.

Sell with certainty & speed

What to do with an unsellable house?

You can sell your property on the open market via an estate agent.   This will give you the best chance of achieving the market price.  However, if your house needs work, this can put off any potential buyers, and their mortgage lenders can deem the property as unmortgageable.

This then leaves you with the option of auctioning a house

However, you’d have to set a low guide price to get buyers interested.  You must allow one month of marketing before the auction to give the property the exposure it needs, then allow another month after the auction for funds to arrive in your account.  But what if you need to sell now?

This is where Property Saviour can step in.  We’ll buy your property as quickly as possible and cover your legal fees of up to £1,500.  You can use your own solicitor if you like and have the money in your account within 10 days or sooner.  

Request a callback now.

Sell with certainty & speed

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