Nestled in the Yorkshire countryside, Addingham is an attractive location for those looking to move to somewhere quiet but well connected. The village is both ancient and modern with roots going back to the bronze age but with modern-day buildings and facilities. It boasts a football team, five pubs and an annual village gala.

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Properties we have bought in West Yorkshire

Usman with his sun glasses on

Broken property chain puts couple’s dream home at risk

Things were going really well for Usman; this Bradford couple had found their dream home and subsequently, he agreed the sale of his own house.  Unfortunately, his buyer then changed their mind, causing a lot of stress and anxiety.  Having spent many hours researching the new area and its amenities, then hunting for their perfect property, […]

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Dolly is happy following sale of house

Landlord desperate to sell after tenant trashed property

Dolly had inherited a house in Bradford, West Yorkshire. She decided to renovate the property and rent it out to subsidise her living costs at her primary residence in Reading. Dolly appointed a local letting agent to manage her property, however, the tenant totally ruined the property and left. Problem: How to sell a damaged […]

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House set on fire

Disgruntled tenant set fire to house following eviction

Jay was a landlord from Huddersfield, who had a house that he rented out in Bradford, West Yorkshire. After Jay’s tenant did not pay her rent for several months, he took her to court. Bailiffs were called to evict the tenant and the tenant threatened to burn down the house. Problem: How to sell a […]

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Keith relaxed in his jogging outfit

Unable to sell commercial property with a squatter

Keith owned a workshop with a small detached office at the front of the building. When Keith retired in 2018, he was able to find a tenant to run his business. On the surface, everything was good. The tenant paid his rent on time by standing order. But what he did not know was that his […]

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