How to Identify a Genuine Cash House Buyer

If you are a seller looking to achieve a quick sale of your residential or family property then you really do not need months of delays when it comes to selling your property.  You certainly don’t want to wait until April to have a good chance of selling as that’s usually when property market starts to pick up.

To share our knowledge, we have put together our tips on how to differentiate between an estate agent, a property sourcer or a true cash buyer. These 6 questions will help you decide whether or not you are dealing with a genuine cash house buyer or not.

1. Who will buy my property?

If the answer is investors, they are an estate agent or sourcer – not a genuine cash buyer.  Property Saviour is owned and run by Saddat Abid, a Yorkshire-based property expert and his team. We will actually buy your property from our own company funds.

2. What is the name of the company?

Read their reviews on Trust Pilot and check their Google Reviews (ours are here and here).  

Property Saviour is proud to feature some of our lovely clients on this site. Detailed case studies with the client’s personal story (published with their permission) help you gain a real insight into the reasons people sell their home, how it all works and most importantly, how they felt after dealing with us.

Smiling Mick

House with structural issues sold fast

Property Saviour bought a house with structural movement. We sold our house to Property Saviour as it had structural movement in the past. I found Saddat to be very helpful and pleasant to deal with at all times.  Highly recommended.

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Dr Joe

Quick house sale in Derbyshire

I was looking to sell my property quickly after being offered a job abroad, I needed to sell within a month. After contacting a number of ‘we buy any house’ companies that were advertising online I was becoming a little disappointed as there was no transparency or real offers. I requested information such as their […]

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Usman with his sun glasses on

Bradford property sold quickly & efficiently

As I live in Bradford I couldn’t sell my house quickly when we found our dream property. Our estate agent had found us a buyer but they couldn’t get a mortgage, and we had put down a deposit on new build property. We couldn’t lose this property because it was in the catchment area for a […]

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3. Who are the solicitors acting for them?

Read the solicitors’ reviews and share them with us. Can they complete a purchase in 20 days or quicker? Phone their office and ask them how long does it take to sell your property if you had a cash buyer?  Then you can ask them if they acted for them before?

Just to give you an idea, a normal run-of-the-mill solicitor will take 2 weeks to ‘open the file’ and send you the documents in the post and ‘await instructions’.   They probably will use pigeon mail too, but lets not get into that.

4. How long will it take?

It should not more than 3 weeks maximum from start to finish. Contracts should be able to be exchanged quickly since they should have the funds readily available if they are a true cash buyer. 

If you sense any hesitancy or doubt, this means that your property will be advertised, without your permission or knowledge, on property sourcing Facebook groups.  The buyer will be an investor requiring a mortgage.  The entire process can take months. We have spoken to sellers who were stuck for well over 12 months.

5. Do they have proof of funds?

This will really wind up anyone who is not a true cash buyer.  Ask them if they are a property sourcer?  We believe they will quickly hang up the call.

6. Can you speak to their previous clients?

Try to speak to people they bought properties from in the past and ask if they’d be willing to let you chat to them direct. A genuine company will have no reservations in offering you access to their case studies and the real people featured in them.  Look at their adverts featuring sellers.  Are they filmed in a studio with perfect script and smiling actors?  We believe these are fake reviews.  Quite a few ‘we buy any house’ companies buy reviews to show off how they have so many reviews.

If you are ready to sell to an honest company that genuinely cares and wants your five star review please click  the link below.

ready to sell?

We're very human and extremely patient. We have funds ready and can exchange within days.

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