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Are you looking to sell your house quickly in Wales? Look no further!  

We buy all kinds of properties and offer a hassle-free cash sale option. You can enjoy the benefits of a quick sale with us.

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Sell Any House in Wales

Let’s face it – the traditional method of selling a house is fraught with risks of a sale collapsing at any level. 

With an estate agent, you would have to wait for at least six months before your property is under offer. The estate agent may have yet to qualify the buyer, so they have not checked for proof of deposit and a mortgage in principle in the offer. 

Then, there’s a frustrating wait for the conveyancing process. A fault-finding surveyor will come and look at your property. 

Searches can take at least a month. The buyer’s solicitor will order them once they receive a satisfactory survey. 

Lots can happen between an acceptance of an offer and the eventual sale to be concluded, for example: 

  •       Buyer can change their mind or fall in love with a newly built house.
  •       The buyer may not qualify for a mortgage.
  •       The lender may refuse to lend on the property.
  •       The buyer’s solicitor may not be satisfied with responses to queries.
  •       Adverse search results can affect the valuation or desirability of a home.

Reputable local property cash buyers in Wales

As genuine cash house buyers, we are remarkably different. 

With our five-star reviews, we go the extra mile to earn genuine success stories of sellers we have helped.

Welsh Valley houses in back-to-back streets.
In picture: The Welsh Valleys.

How are we different?

Let’s chat about what you can expect from us: 

  •       You will receive an offer within 48 hours of submitting your inquiry.
  •       You will receive proof of funds to give you more certainty.
  •       You will tell us when to complete the sale – our average completion is within ten days.
  •       We will indemnify searches so there are no delays.
  •       We will pay you £1,500 towards your legal fees. 

Are you ready to become our next success story?  

We buy all kinds of properties.

We’ll buy any property you have in Wales.   

As trusted house buyers, we understand the importance of selling your house fast in Wales. 

We’ll buy any residential property in Wales, including flats, bungalows, houses, farms, and semi-commercial properties. 

We will buy any property with a short lease, disputes with neighbours, fire-damaged homes, inherited properties that need a full house clearance or any problematic property.

If you are a landlord wanting to sell a tenanted or trashed property, we are here to help. 

Let’s take the stress out of selling your house in any condition. 

Say yes to a stress-free sale.

Sell with certainty & speed

The view of Welsh valleys with houses in between the valleys.
Choosing a buyer with a substantial deposit will also increase their chances of obtaining a mortgage.

Benefits of cash sale for your house

One of the significant benefits of a cash house sale is the certainty it brings.

As professional and experienced property buyers, we are comfortable with buying houses in any condition anywhere in Wales. 

Even if your house needs substantial renovation, we will buy it for cash. You can sell it as-is without paying thousands in skips and house clearance companies.   

We donate any items of value to the British Heart Foundation. The rest we will pay a licenced waste carrier to dispose of at our own cost. 

We promise you that we do not carry out a fault-finding survey. We know of several cash house-buying companies that use this tactic and then try to reduce the agreed price.

We are sympathetic to your needs and will do our best to win your positive review. 

Property Saviour promises never to reduce the price once agreed. We will never lower our price just before the exchange of contracts.   

The agreed price is the price you will receive in your bank account. Zero deductions.

If you need to sell your house fast in Wales, we are the ones to trust.

Quick and hassle-free sale is just an enquiry away! 

We buy any house in Wales, empowering you to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Sell with certainty & speed

Your Local Property Cash Buyers

We are local property cash buyers with national coverage.

Sellers often sell us multiple properties because we did a fantastic job for them.  

Whatever your situation, financial difficulties, going through a divorce, inheriting property to sell or need the certainty of a sale, we are here to help. 

Rural homes, derelict properties, or tenant-trashed homes, we are always obliged to help. 

You will find us sympathetic, friendly, and dependable.

Sell with certainty & speed

Reputable Cash House Buyers in Wales

The property buying industry is unregulated, so it pays to do your research.

You need to research the company you wish to sell to. You want to find genuine, reputable cash buyers in Wales.

  1. Always qualify any cash offers with proof of funds – a bank statement showing the balance with today’s date. Look out for fake bank statements that can be bought online for £20. Far too many so-called cash house buyers in Wales borrow money from a bridging loan. It means a fault-finding surveyor will be visiting.
  2. Check their reviews. Do they have dozens of reviews? Many sellers don’t wish to leave a review due to privacy concerns. Less than 10% do. Have they purchased their reviews?
  3. Genuine reviews. If their reviews are recorded in a studio with perfect lighting, delivered by professional actors, can you believe them? What else could they be lying about?
  4. Can you use your solicitors? Most will say no and insist you use their ‘recommended’ solicitors. It is possible they are using dodgy solicitors to buy your home by committing mortgage fraud. Watch the video below.
  5. Can they confirm that the price won’t be reduced at completion?  
  6. Who will buy my house? Do they want you to sign a long contract giving them exclusivity? It can result in your ‘buyer’ selling your property without your knowledge to a 3rd party. 

We are reputable cash house buyers with real seller case studies. 

We are transparent and honest – from the initial offer to completion.

Sell with certainty & speed

What is the process of selling a house?

A successful sale starts with preparation. As you know, a house is the most illiquid asset class because of mortgage, a lengthy conveyancing process, untrustworthy estate agents and non-committed buyers.

Selling a Rolex watch or a classic car is more manageable than selling your home.

Whether buying or selling a home, it is an emotional purchase. We tend to buy with emotion and try to justify with logic.

Anyone can make an offer, and upon acceptance, the estate agent puts up the sold board. Property is not sold until you have been paid in FULL. However, as your estate agent is trying to use your property as a marketing ploy to secure their next instruction, they are not interested even if a sale collapses. 

This may be the reason why one in every three transactions fails.

With a shaky housing market, there is uncertainty. You may have set your eyes on a forever home. Or you want to spend your inheritance but can’t sell your property.

Start by preparing all your documentation: 

All you need to do is get your solicitor to send our solicitor with a legal pack. We will then review it and keep any enquiries to a minimum.

There is no need to renovate your home, as you can sell it as it is. Builder labour costs and materials are through the roof.

What is the process of selling a house?
You may have set your eyes on a forever home. Or you want to spend your inheritance but can't sell your property.


So, if you want to sell your house in Wales, you’ve come to the right place! We buy all types of properties and offer you the benefits of a cash sale.

Our team of local property cash buyers are reputable and trustworthy, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.   

Selling your house has never been easier. 

Contact us today to help you sell your house quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait; get in touch now!

Sell with certainty & speed

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