Sell Your Fire Damaged Property Fast

Accidental fires and arson leave properties unhabitable and unsafe. Avoid the stress of renovating by selling to us for cash

Charred, smoke-damaged or completely gutted. We buy fire damaged houses in any condition in England.

Property Saviour are trusted cash house buyers who specialise in properties which are difficult to sell under normal circumstances. Whether your property is  charred from an electrical appliance fire, smoke damaged from a cooking fire, structually unsound following an arson attack or fully burnt to the ground, you will find it extremely difficult to sell through a typical estate agent due to numerous legal obstacles. Mortgage lenders will often rule these extremely damaged properties as “unmortgageable”, meaning you will need to look for a cash buyer who is able to buy the property from funds in their bank – that’s where we come in.

Why is it so hard to sell a fire damaged house?

As humans, we hold a lot of emotions when it comes to our properties. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer a fire in the home you were living in, firstly our heartfelt sympathies go out to you and your loved ones.

Selling a property damaged by a house fire

In the year ending March 2021, according to the Home Office statistics for Fire and Rescue Services (FRS), there were 27,021 dwelling fires attended by the service. 74 per cent were in houses, bungalows, converted flats and other properties, whilst 26 per cent were in purpose-built flats or maisonettes.

The main causes of fire in houses and dwellings in the UK

  • Cooking fires – where fat or grease ignites
  • Portable heaters – often left too close to flammable items or soft furnishings
  • Electrical fires – where an appliance becomes faulty or the circuit is overloaded
  • Candles – being left unattended or without the correct holders
  • Smoking – incorrectly extinguished cigarettes, smouldering hot ash, falling asleep
  • Arson – deliberate criminal damage or vandalism, including petrol bombs, matches and timer devices

Help to start your fire damage insurance claim

With roof joists burnt and loose roof tiles following devastating house fire
Extensive fire damage to roof timbers, slate tiles and upper floors on this house in Rotherham, S. Yorkshire

If you are at the start of the process with your buildings insurance company, we can still assist you with your claim for fire damage to your property, ensuring you get the maximum payout using our specialist Loss Assessors. 

It’s like having a solicitor acting for you but with building surveyor’s experience.  

They will review the damage caused by the blaze, conduct any specialist thermal imaging to test for damp and structual issues, and make recommendations as to the reparations needed. 

They take their fee from the settlement figure so you can feel assured there will be no extra cost to you, your family or your business.

If you have already received your insurance settlement

If you found us after you already received the fire damage payout from your insurance company, we will be able to act with speed to get your property sold for the best price, with minimal hassle. 

Please get in touch with our understanding and experienced team for a no obligation chat on 0113 320 6700 or complete our simple form to send us a message.

Your responsibility towards public safety

Anyone that owns a fire damaged property has a responsibility to ensure there is no risk or harm to the public. If the property is not cleared of debris and lose materials the council can fine you. Fire damaged properties carry a lot of liability and can be prone to additional vandalism which can encroach on nearby properties and thus cause loss of value by laying empty.

Sometimes homeowners may want to use a clear up company that specialises when they have a fire-damaged home. Clear up companies are properly trained and can help with stress and upheaval of selling your house. This would normally be a good starting point for the owner.

Selling a house damaged by arson, vandalism or deliberate fire

Some of our clients have been the victim of deliberate house fires or have had their investment property or business premises set alight. Typical motives for arson can include:

How common is arson in the UK?

Although one may think that setting deliberate fires to cause damage to property, or to intimidate, threaten or seek revenge on someone would be a relatively uncommon experience, this is wholly untrue and the figures are actually rather alarming.

Arson accounted for 50.5% of all fires attended in 2017/18 by Fire & Rescue Services in the whole of the United Kingdom (213,782 fires attended; 108,024 deliberate).  According to the National Fire Chief’s Council (NFCC), arson is the largest, single cause of fire attended by FRSs in the UK.

Property destroyed by arson or criminal damage

If you’ve been a victim of arson or violent crime, which is the act of deliberately setting fire to or charring a property – there will also be a lot of bad feelings and resentment built up against your attacker, whether the perpetrator(s) are known or unknown to you. 

These photos are of a property we had just bought 3 days prior  – our client’s enraged ex-tenant came back to set fire to the house deliberately with petrol. Thankfully, no-one was hurt as the house was empty but it took about 8 months for our insurance company to pay out.

 Insurance companies will want to ensure there is no way you committed the act yourself, or did anything fraudulent for monetary gain. You could be having to undergo distressing interviews by the police, make witness statements or even appear in court to give testimony. 

All these processes sit heavy on your mental wellbeing and leave little room for thinking about the financial and legal challenges of selling a house which is basically now considered unmortgageable due to the level of damage it sustained.

Emotional attachment, physical and mental trauma

Whether the fire was accidental or deliberately caused, there can be a range of destructive impacts from loss of possessions and memories, to huge structural impact on your home’s safety, to life-changing personal tragedies, devastating injury and loss of life.  

Many homeowners simply cannot face the exhausting process of tidying the damage caused by the fire, undertaking repairs and renovations or even marketing their fire damaged home – in its current state – to list it for sale via an auction. We are caring, supportive and explain every step to make you more comfortable.


I found Property Saviour to be very honest and entirely transparent in their details with me.

Sue Maxwell Smith

Selling your fire damaged house?

We can buy it in its current state.
0113 320 6700

Fire damage restoration can be costly

If you do opt to carry out repairs and renovation to a house damaged by fire, you will need to ensure that the workmanship and attention to detail is professional and thorough. This can, of course, be costly as you can’t leave any stone unturned.

Fire damage is not just constricted to burned furniture and charred possessions. You’ll need to consider:

  • Removing all the soot from the walls and ceilings
  • Replacing any woodwork, doors, architraves and skirting which was singed or charred
  • Replacing any metal appliances that have melted or warp under immense heat 
  • Checking electrical wiring for signs of damage and rewiring where necessary
  • Plumbing pipes, whether copper or plastic waste pipes, may have twisted or become disconnected
  • Carpets will smell of smoke or chemicals used to ignite the fire. So even if they were not in the room which caught fire, they will still need replacing else they can cause severe respiratory issues
  • The roof timbers and structure could be unsound and let in water, causing mould or rot
  • Window frames can become distorted or damaged
  • Glass may have cracked or shattered
  • Plastic goods can leave a molten pool of remains that need scraping off surrounding surfaces

The labour and material costs involved in restoring a fire damaged property to its former habitable state will mount up quickly.

Repairing your fire damaged house 'on the cheap'

 If you try to do any of the fire restoration and repair work on a budget by using cheaper home contractors, friends or family, you risk important safety aspects being missed and the work may not pass relevant inspections by Building Inspectors or Surveyors. 

Any substandard repair or restoration work which needs to be stripped out and done again, will ultimately add to the cost and length of the project, thus eating into potential rental income or delaying the realisation of your assets. Why wait months to sell your burnt down house?  We can get your property sold and help you move on with your life, often within a couple of weeks!

Does the seller have to disclose a house fire to the buyer?

In short, yes.  You must disclose that the property has been burned, even if you have since restored it.

Some homeowners may find this difficult to hear, especially if they fear a recurrent attack, or they know that someone died there. If the fire was caused by an electrical or appliance fire, they may worry the wiring was at fault or the electrics are still sub-standard. Perhaps the home is located in an area renowned for violent crime, county lines drug trafficking activity or it is connected to offenders or witnesses still wanted by the police. 

Property descriptions must be truthful

The UK law states that a property description must be accurate and not misleading in any way.  It is, therefore, essential to advise the potential buyers that your property was damaged by fire or arson, even if it is now renovated to an excellent standard. 

At Property Saviour, we’re able to advise you on legal protocol and help you keep your identity under wraps by arranging discreet viewings, refraining from advertising the property publicly and ensuring your details stay safe from the National Press. 

Talk to us about buying your house

We don't care what condition it's in.
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Sold a property through Saddat at Property Saviour. Always a pleasure to deal with him. Always comes back to you if there is a problem.

Jane Mumford

Sell your fire damaged house quickly for cash

If you sell your fire damaged home to a cash buyer like Property Saviour, we are experienced at buying unmortgageable properties in poor condition across England, so rest assured we will be honest with you throughout. We will accept the property from you in its current condition, so you don’t need to worry about fixing it up.

How much does a fire damaged or burned out house sell for?

Assuming you are trying to sell a fire damaged house after cleaning and basic repairs, you will also need to consider all the not-so-obvious areas which buyers could criticise to lower the price. If there are any blackened areas on outside walls, charred windowsills which have been painted over, damaged plants and burned grass areas, the buyer will use these to negotiate. 

People often do expensive renovations on a fire damaged property and think that entitles them to charge over the market value because it’s now all “pretty” and furnishings have been upgraded. But at the end of the day, it’s still a fire damaged house and that unfortunately carries a stigma for selling. You will have to price the home fairly to sell it quickly or risk staying on the market for months or years, waiting for the perfect buyer.  The property’s insurance premium will be very expensive due to history of fire damage.

Setting the right price – not too high, not too low

If you have your insurance valuation report, that will help to speed up the process. We are likely to offer you a price for your fire damaged house which is closer to trade price.  We will be taking on the costs and associated risks of dealing with your damaged house ourselves. Selling via an estate agent will normally be impossible unless you have already renovated – the buyers of your burnt house won’t be able to obtain a mortgage because the house will be deemed unoccupiable and structurally unsound. 

Property owners are bound by law to ensure there is no risk to public safety, so you don’t have long to sit and think about what to do. You may have luck selling a burnt house at property auction, but the auction fees can soon mount up and you may be waiting months to find the right buyer who is ready with the cash.

Should I sell my fire damaged house?

People choose to sell their fire damaged and burnt property with us for many reasons. We have the cash ready right now to buy your house, and we aim to:

  • Ease the emotional side of the process for you
  • Give you a fair price you will be happy with
  • Remove the worry of having to take photos and do marketing mailshots
  • Deal with the solicitors, conveyancing and legal requirements
  • Ensure any viewings are carried out discreetly without neighbours knowing
  • Assist you with temporary accommodation where appropriate
  • Declutter and clean up remaining possessions
  • Ensure confidentiality if you have any involvement with police/courts
  • Instruct surveyors and building inspectors where needed
  • Insure the property on the day we buy it from you

Why use Property Saviour instead of other quick house sale companies?

Property Saviour is well respected in our local area of Leeds, and West Yorkshire in general, and we’re grateful to receive lots of referrals from our happy clients. Our small and friendly team also covers the whole of England.  We travel to meet clients on-site, where appropriate. 

We have 5-star Google and Trustpilot reviews that you can read online.  If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of any offer you’ve been given, please feel free to call us to discuss it.  We know of many of the key players in the industry.  You have to ensure that you are dealing with 100% genuine cash property buyers as unfortunately in sell house quick industry, there are scams.  We have been buying houses in Yorkshire and the rest of the England since 2003.

Genuine and ethical cash buyers

Based in Leeds - West Yorkshire
0113 320 6700

I found these guys online and was a little bit sceptical at first as I've read horror stories about some house buying companies. They said they would pay my legals so it was no risk and it ended up being super easy.

Dolly Banner

How we value your fire-burned property

Property was up for sale when fire struck
3-bedroom semi we bought in Yorkshire

Our Senior Cash Property Buyer will assess your house, either in person or initially by video call, and give you a fair cash offer considering the level of damage caused by the fire and the amount of effort needed to make it habitable. 

A fair cash price with no strings

This price will allow us the financial scope to renovate the house with our chosen builders.  We offer you the best possible price, which will then allow you to move on quickly.  We often complete the sale in as little as 15 days!  

We'll show you the money!

We are genuine cash buyers and can prove funds in the bank.  You can trust us to deliver on our promises.  Accept our offer and tell us when you want to complete the sale.

Genuine Reviews from Real People

You can trust us to deliver on our promises.  You can read our reviews.  You will notice that these are real people, just like you.  There are no scripts or actors used to film them.  If you’re unhappy for any reason we will work with you to find a suitable solution.  We aim to give you complete peace of mind when selling your fire damaged house to us so that you will give us a five star review.

Beware dodgy cash house buyer scams

Please be aware there are many unscrupulous cash house buying companies out there who will give you an initial offer higher than ours, but then will keep you waiting while they try to secure the funds… often then delaying and stalling endlessly and trying to renegotiate the price with you when you feel you’re near the end. This new price is much lower than our cash offer.

Our client success stories and case studies will give you a good idea of the range of property selling issues we deal with. Even if your issue isn’t listed on this page, please call us to chat about your individual needs. 

Property Saviour success stories

Customer Case Studies

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