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Selling Your Property When Stuck in a Chain

Property chains are stressful & introduce uncertainty of moving home.

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Broken property chain?

When an offer is accepted, estate agents mark a property as sold subject to contract sold subject to contract when an offer is accepted. 

A property is not sold until the money is in the bank.  A Memorandum of Sale sets out the buyer and seller’s expectations.

A property chain is formed when several buyers and sellers depend on each other for their sale to occur.  If any of the parties to the chain cannot continue, for any of these reasons:


  • not being able to get a mortgage
  • their own buyer pulling out finding out there are massive structural issues
  • land registry problems.  

When a house chain collapses, the losses are felt by all concerned. 

If you’re stuck in a chain, the sale is taking too long, or you need some help because your property chain is broken, our friendly experts can advise the best way forward.

Selling your home to a genuine cash buyer like Property Saviour can really get you out of a pickle when everything seems to be falling apart around you.  Property Saviour will guarantee to buy any house regardless of issues.

Can Our Property Chain Rescue Service Help You?

Has your house chain fallen through? We can step in as a cash buyer to support the chain. We can help you with renegotiate the price across the chain meaning that it may be financially viable for all parties still to move on as planned. This only works if all parties are willing to listen and negotiate.

Reasons a property chain may break down

Property chains can break down for all sorts of reasons, some may be avoidable with proper planning and research, but other reasons are simply beyond your control.

We’ve helped clients who have been unable to buy the property they wanted because their own house sale fell through.  Even UK Government doesn’t keep records on property chain lengths.

Some of the most common reasons are listed here.  If you have a chain situation which is not mentioned, we’ll still be able to help you. 

Ethical cash buyers with rock-solid integrity

We’ve seen it all during our 12-year property trading history. 

Our happy clients will vouch for our integrity, professional conduct, respectful communication and informative guidance throughout the whole house selling process. 


Sam and Sad really helped me out on the sale of my grandma's house. It had been empty for 3 years and after a fallen through sale I couldn't be bothered going through all that stress again.

Property chain taking too long?

We'll buy yours, so you can buy theirs.

Selling your house for cash will rid you of the chain

Buyers and sellers with certain circumstances will prevent chain problems from happening in the first place. Probate and inherited properties typically have no upward chain since they are usually unoccupied once the owners have died.

Equally, first-time buyers will have no property to sell and therefore are not a risk, but in fact, a saviour to the chain. However, one can’t always be lucky enough to find those parties to complete the chain. 

Beware of the quick house sale scammers

The only other solution to complete the chain is a cash buyer – either a property developer, someone with a substantial inheritance or cash in the bank who is able to buy without a mortgage, or a quick house sale company like Property Saviour.  We don’t need a mortgage and can provide proof of funds to reassure you. 

Please do be ultra careful when considering a cash house buyer like ourselves, as they are not all made equal.  People have been scammed online with upfront valuation fees, given false promises regarding timescales and contract exchange dates.

We will never mislead you or pressure you into a sale.  We take great pride in our outstanding 5-star reputation across Google and Trust Pilot.  We’ve also had articles featured in the local and UK National Press.

Do cash buyers offer less for chain properties?

By accepting our quick cash offer for your house, flat, bungalow or cottage, although we can’t promise the full market value, you will achieve approximately 75% of the price you were aiming for.

When you consider the losses you may incur by staying put, for example, several months of extra mortgage repayments and interest, having to decline the new job with a higher salary, or needing to pay additional childcare until you move, then you may not be that much out of pocket after all. 

Our property chain rescue service allows you to negotiate a better onward purchase price because you will now be in a cash buyer position.  We helped all parties in a chain by persuading each seller to give their buyer a discount of 10% and, therefore, enabling every seller to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

We offer speed and certainty to get you moving

It’s a trade off – with us, you get the speed and the certainty, but you sacrifice a little profit on the sale — a simple concept, but one which could make all the difference when you need to move fast.

We understand property chain problems.

The main benefits are that we can often complete it within two weeks.  We pay your legal fees up to £1,500, plus you’ll be freed up and ready to move as soon as possible.

So you won’t miss out on your dream home or get stuck waiting in that seemingly never-ending chain. 

Broken chain stressing you out?

Let's get you moving.

Sold a property through Saddat at Property Saviour. Always a pleasure to deal with him. Always comes back to you if there is a problem. Would highly recommend this company

There’s not a definitive answer to property chain length in the UK.  We do know that it takes up to 6 months to agree a sale.

Some property chains have 3 links while the longest could be 11. A chain free house move can take up to 6 months to complete. Complex chains can take much longer.

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