Smoker’s Home? Sell It Now For Cash

A property that has strong odour of nicotine can be incredibly difficult to sell.  This is because nicotine clings on to walls, ceilings, furniture, and carpets.  It is normal to see the walls turned yellow-ish colour because of long-term exposure to smoking. 

Houses that have been smoked in tend to have a much lower value because it is incredibly difficult to get rid off the cigarette smoke.  So how can you get rid off the smell of smoke within any home?

In this guide, we will cover challenges of selling a house that’s been smoked in and how to sell the property in its current condition.

Baking soda & white vinegar

One option is to try and wash down all walls and ceilings with white vinegar and really scrub up well to remove any nicotine residue.  This is quite a labour-intensive operation, and each room can take several hours from preparing the room, emptying all furniture and the doing all the scrubbing up.  The cost of white vinegar will also quickly add up.  There’s no guarantee that this will work as it depends on severity of smoking – for instance if ex-smoker smoked 50 cigarette a day for 20 years, it is highly unlikely that this effort will pay off.

Placing baking soda in the room and sprinkling it across the carpet apparently can help reduce the smell – but this won’t eliminate the smoke odour.

If windows and doors have not been opened during the smoking time then nicotine can get into carpets, walls, ceilings and well as any furniture so the first step must be to clear any furniture and fixtures – such as curtains or blinds.  Open all windows to allow fresh air to come in, but as it does you could up inhaling passive nicotine which can be dangerous.

Smell of tobacco can get into floorboards.  You could ending up stripping the wallpaper, removing the plaster and redecorate throughout.  If your potential buyer is a non-smoker, they wouldn’t wish to be exposed to strong odour of nicotine.

If smokers in the house ‘smoked like a chimney’ or enjoyed a shisha, hookah or occasionally smoked weed, then smell can get into all sort of nooks and crannies within the house – including under the staircase and cupboards.  Even painting it over, the yellow nicotine will come through and you are likely to require several coats of paint.

Girl smoke cigarette in the house.
Nicotine from tobacco smoke can cling on to walls, ceilings, cupboards, carpets, UPVC frames and soft furnishings.

Professional cleaner to remove cigarette smoke

You could instruct a professional cleaner company to do a deep cleaning and fogging to remove the smell.  However, old nicotine smell can take years to wear off and what you will need to do is allow plenty of ventilation by opening windows to allow the house to breathe again.

PVC frames for windows and doors tend to absorb chemicals including tobacco smells and will continue to leech out the cigarette smell and toxins for years to come – unless they are replaced.

Your first step should be to remove all soft furnishings including furniture.  You could list them on eBay for free and state that the house has been smoke in so it would only suit a smoker.

If you have inherited a smoker’s house, it can be a huge undertaking to start a full-on refurbishment to sell it.  Not only the cost will be substantial and equally it could leave smell of old tar behind if you aren’t careful.  What if you need to sell now?

Sell a smoker’s house in its current condition – what’s the answer?

Property Saviour will genuinely buy any house – even if it is a smoker’s house.  We are professional cash house buyers who can view a property and make you a cash offer. This can be handy if you are looking to settle probate estate and distribute inheritance amongst beneficiaries. 

Will selling in 2-3 weeks give you an opportunity to make a fresh start?  Whether it is paying off a mortgage, getting on the housing ladder or achieving another life’s goal, we are here to make it happen.

We are non-judgemental.  We will make you a fair cash offer, offer to pay £1,500 towards your legal fees.  There are no estate agent fees and that’s why no delays or excuses.  We indemnify searches allowing us to buy any property without any fuss.

If you are ready to make a fresh start, our friendly team are here to assist you.  Please make an enquiry and wait for our call back.

If you can take some photos of inside and outside of property to give us an idea of condition, we will require them.  We will then review and make you a cash offer.  This is a guaranteed offer meaning there are no deduction and the price we promise is the price you will receive.

This is why we have many five-star reviews from genuine sellers like you.  We don’t use actors to record our reviews.  We would like to help you sell your property, provide you regular updates and hopefully you will leave us a five-star review too!

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