Damaged rental property sold in Bradford

Dolly sold her rental property in Bradford after a bad experience with nightmare tenants left her house in ruins.

Hello, my name is Dolly. I owned a property in Bradford and I thought I had a really good letting agent to manage it – how wrong was I?  The property was left in a really poor state of repair after the tenant decided to leave without paying the last month’s rent. They damaged the walls and the carpets and they left loads of rubbish too.

Because I live down South and my property was up North, I just felt like I could not manage to refurbish the property and get it into a state of being able to sell it privately.  I decided to look into selling it quickly online, and this is when I came across Property Saviour. My friend and I actually said that the name ‘Saviour’ stood out because that’s exactly what we needed with this property – there was just far too much work for me to do to get it into a good state.

We agreed for Property Saviour to buy the property at a price that I was happy with whilst they refurbished it, and they also agreed to pay the mortgage on the property until we went through with the sale. I got a deposit upfront via solicitors which showed a real commitment. I was a bit dubious as it all sounded too good to be true, but they met all their timescales and we completed on the purchase not so long ago.

I definitely recommend Property Saviour to anyone who’s looking for a quick sale.  They were brilliant, and they helped me to sell my property without any hassle, without any anxiety about how I’m going to pay the mortgage or how I’m going to be able to able to get into a good state to be able to sell it. Get in touch with them if you are looking to sell your property quickly.

– Dolly

All of our testimonials feature real people. We do not pay actors to do our reviews. We’ve sold their properties without problems and they’ve been kind enough to leave us a review. We hope you will too.

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