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Robert sold his home to Property Saviour when he was looking to downsize due to ill health.

I’d come to a stage in my life where I needed closure. I wasn’t in a fit state health wise to be able to maintain the property that I was living in and as such I decided to get in touch with Property Saviour.

You helped me by giving me piece of mind by saying you were able to help when I explained what I wanted. I explained to you that my wife had died, my children had grown up and I was now in a property that I couldn’t maintain to the standard that it deserved.

I was able to put an end to the chapter and start a new paragraph in the way of life.

My children had peace of mind knowing that I was moving to a nice little flat. They knew that I wasn’t going to be rolling around in a bit house. I had a peace of mind in such that everything was sorted and I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Everything went as it should have done and I’m more than happy.

– Robert Davis

All of our testimonials feature real people. We do not pay actors to do our reviews. We’ve sold their properties without problems and they’ve been kind enough to leave us a review. We hope you will too.

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