Successful sale of rural property

Grace sold her rural property to Property Saviour because neighbouring house was of non-standard construction

We just didn’t know what to do with our rural property. Despite driving a long time to work for both of us and waking up a 3year old at 5 am to drop him at nursery every week day, we carried on selling the property. But all sales fell through at last due to neighbouring properties owned by local housing association’ s rear walls being of non standard construction and the mortgage providers would not lend our buyers the money.

Therefore when I went on the computer and saw the Property Saviour, I contacted them.

We can only thank these guys for their understanding and help let  alone the reassurance throughout when they bought the house from us. I am finally packing now and moving into a house nearer to work and good schools in time for our son to be considered for one of them because of you guys.

We would definitely recommend Property Saviour to anyone in our situation or worse. Thanks guys for all your help

– Grace
Cornwall, Truro

All of our testimonials feature real people. We do not pay actors to do our reviews. We’ve sold their properties without problems and they’ve been kind enough to leave us a review. We hope you will too.

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