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Based in Leeds, Property Saviour buys troublesome houses for cash across West Yorkshire and all over the UK.

Cash buyers for difficult properties

Selling your property can be a great option if you need to obtain funds quickly.  Selling to a cash buyer is ideal if your property is unmortgageable or your circumstances dictate that hassle-free guaranteed sale is the only option.

Since 2009, we have spoken to thousands of sellers. We’ve given tips on how to appoint a good estate agent, enhance the kerb appeal of your house and what to do if your estate agent can’t sell.  We’ve been asked to help in a number of distressing cases involving rogue estate agents.

Sellers have often asked us, can you sell our house for us because you are more experienced and have knowledge of property and legal matters?

Company history

In July 2019, we started our own online estate agency with a difference. We wanted to provide a first-class service, an estate agency that can sell properties proactively with no notice period and no upfront fees.  A performance-based estate agency concept, but we wanted to take it one step further.

Estate agents that are truly passionate about property, understand the legal terminology and focus on solving problems.

We partnered up with Powerbespoke, an estate agency that is disrupting the traditional and online estate agency model.  Powerbespoke is rated in the top 3% of best estate agencies in the country by Rightmove and the Property Academy!

Property Saviour - options to sell your property

1. Sell for cash

Selling your property for cash can be attractive if you need to sell quickly without the hassle of dealing with mortgage dependent buyers.  This means that you will accept a fair market value for your property, taking into consideration any works that may be needed.  We buy properties discretely and the sale can be completed within 7 days or quicker.  This means that you can move on with your life’s plans.

2. Sell via our estate agency

Selling your property via our estate agency is ideal if your property does not require any work and you are happy to wait 3 months for the sale to conclude.  It means that we can drive up interest in your property, get buyers bidding and put down a non-refundable deposit to secure your property.  You will get the best market value for your property so it is ideal if you need to buy another property or realise the full market value.  From taking professional photos, preparing floor plans, arranging viewings and negotiating the best price for you  – we do it all.

We have investors on our mailing list who are looking to buy more properties.  We  vet all buyers to ensure that we have seen proof of deposits and a mortgage offer.  This has proven to be very successful as it ensures that no time is wasted.

We work tirelessly to minimise disruption and uncertainty to you.

Whether you are looking for a cash offer or our online estate agency, we can help.  Fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch within a couple of hours.

Customer Case Studies

Got Property to Sell?

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