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About Us – Meet The Property Saviour Team

Property Saviour delivers Certainty and Speed.

Cash buyers for difficult properties

Selling your property can be a great option to obtain funds quickly.  Selling to a cash buyer is ideal if your property is unmortgageable or your circumstances dictate that a hassle-free guaranteed sale is the only option.  We are active property buyers in Leeds and cover all of England and Wales.

Since 2009, we have been offering sellers a real alternative to selling via estate agents or those who have been let down by so-called ‘cash buyers’ who don’t have the cash.

In this uncertain world, we deliver certainty and speed.  By making you a transparent offer, paying up to £1,500 of your legal fees, guaranteeing that the price we offer is the price you will receive and complete the purchase within 10 working days or quicker.

This can be verified with our genuine reviews.  Our competitors may have thousands of fake ‘paid’ reviews including by actors in plush studios.  You’ll notice that we’ve focused on gaining quality review over quantity. 

We recognise that not all sellers want to leave a review because they may be going through a difficult divorce or probate matter.

Ethical Principles

If we believe you’d better off selling via an estate agent, we will tell you this at the initial enquiry stage. 

There is no hard sell by pushy salespeople. 

We believe you should control how you wish to sell your property.

We also educate sellers on their choices.  There are thousands of We Buy Any House companies online, many of which are rogue and can offer up to 90% of market value.  This isn’t possible because they can’t survive if they don’t make a profit.

You are lured into a cash house buyer scam.  They’ll package up your property and try to sell it to other investors for a fee, or delay the process for as long as possible so that when you are more motivated they will drop their price just before the Exchange of Contracts.

Often several months are wasted in the process, resulting in additional mortgage payments, council tax/business rates and insurance costs.  You are also left with paying for abortive legal fees.

Our approach is different.  We are open, and honest, and do our best to deliver on our promise.

Your Property Your Choice

We understand that selling your property for cash isn’t for everyone.

If you can wait 3 months for the sale to conclude, we can suggest a couple of alternative options if we believe you will get a better price than a cash offer.  Please feel free to speak to one of us.

We’ve written a detailed article on how to select the best estate agentWe can recommend some excellent estate agents in your area – mainly if you are in the South East, Doncaster or Lincolnshire region.  We don’t get a fee for recommending them; we like to help you.

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