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Complaints Policy

Property Saviour is always fully committed to providing first-class service to sellers in the quick house sale industry.

However, if we’ve made a mistake, we are always happy to listen, resolve the situation to the best of our ability and learn to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Complaints against our employees are very rare as we work incredibly hard to keep our standards high.

How to Make a Complaint?

If you’d like to make a complaint, please put it in writing, providing as much information as possible.  Please email [email protected] for our immediate attention.

It would be most helpful if you could outline your expectations on what we can do to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction.

What will happen next?

We take all complaints seriously, and our goal will be to resolve the complaint and put things right as best as we can.  Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within 72 hours;
  • Book a call to have a chat with you;
  • Investigate the complaint fully and respond to you formally within 15 working days;
  • If you remain dissatisfied, we will review your complaint again by a different member of staff and respond within 10 working days.