Selling Your Property Due to Poor Health

Long term disability, chronic illness and end-of-life care can really stretch your finances. Selling your house could help.

Attentive and trustworthy cash house buyers for those struggling with ill health, injury and disability.

Property Saviour is an established and trustworthy quick house sale company, and we’ve bought houses all over England for people needing money fast to fund their long-term healthcare. We proudly show off our customer stories and testimonials to ensure you feel safe with us, because there are many property buying companies on the internet who will offer a higher sale price to lure you in. They give constant delays and excuses to tempt you to just accept their new lower offer. We are not like them. We’re transparent and honest throughout the whole process, and we appreciate this is a vulnerable, frightening time for you.

Chronic illness, disability and the home environment

Anyone suffering a long-term physical or mental health condition, or looking after a relative with such, will be  acutely aware that their needs can vary day-to-day, and month-to-month. Some conditions sadly progress to the point whereby sufferers need occupational health adjustments or disability aids such as stairlifts, handrails, ramps, ceiling hoists and wet rooms installed in the home. However, some properties are simply not suitable in size, construction or location to undergo such adjustments.

Moving home to improve your mental health

Mental health conditions and mood disorders including Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Depression and Anxiety may require careful planning to ensure the person can benefit from their new surroundings – be it safer, brighter, less busy or simply closer to where they receive therapy or supportive care. Nuisance neighbours also contribute to a poor quality of life, which may cause particular distress to people with Schizophrenia, Psychosis or Autism. Selling your home through Property Saviour may be the best way to hastily rid yourself of the ongoing upsetting situation.

Impact of chronic health conditions on where you live

If you have any of the following conditions, you may have already considered moving home to somewhere more suitable, selling up to move back in with relatives, or selling your home to pay for long-term or end-of-life care. 

We have helped clients who needed to move home due to excessive damage from dry rot, which can be hugely detrimental to asthmatics and people with respiratory illness due to the invasive nature of the mould spores. Conditions that carry the burden of daily pain and fatigue make it difficult to remain in employment; our team have met some amazingly brave people who sold their home through us to free up cash funds, allowing them to downsize to a more affordable home.

Preventing falls and injuries at home

Falls account for approximately 50% of all unintentional home injury deaths. Your elderly relative, parent or spouse may be struggling with the layout of the home due to dementia, unsteady whilst using the stairs or having difficulty negotiating a property that has not been built for wheelchair access. Broken bones and head injuries are unfortunately quite common outcomes – it’s always best to plan in advance and try to manage the risk. Selling the property in order to find a more suitable one could just save a life.

Accessibility upgrades can be prohibitively expensive

For anyone who is unable to obtain support from the local council or disability charities to fund home adaptations for the elderly or disabled, the cost of private renovation work to upgrade the home can often prove too costly. If you need to refit the bathroom, widen the hallway, install a lift or make a garden area safe and accessible, your financial investment may be better spent on finding a new home that can accommodate your health needs.

Unmanageable debts due to illness?

Selling with us is quick and simple.

I sold a commercial property to Property Saviour due to poor health. They were able to purchase the property quickly and I was updated regularly throughout the process of the sale.


Selling your home urgently to fund end-of-life care

Receiving the news that a loved one has a terminal condition is never easy. There are plans to put in place, from arranging their care to agreeing where they will live for the remainder of their life. Since most people in England do not possess sufficient savings or capital to pay for the inevitable, they will invariably need to consider liquidising any assets, including the most valuable – their property.

Terminal conditions and paying the mortgage

If you have received a terminal diagnosis for yourself, you’ll appreciate quick and easy information dealing with your evolving financial situation. We aim to be friendly, truthful, empathetic and empowering. 

Your mortgage provider is duty-bound to offer support and payment arrangement plans if you are struggling to pay the mortgage, unable to work altogether, or losing income because of your illness. Please ensure you tell them you are a vulnerable customer with a terminal condition – they are required under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations to make adjustments in how they treat your case and to consider your financial circumstances and/or arrears situation with compassion.  

Critical illness cover, mortgage protection and benefits

For customers receiving chemotherapy, blood transfusions, dialysis or other life-altering treatments, you may feel unable to continue your previous employment or find that income from part-time working is insufficient to meet your monthly expenses. If you have Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) this may cover you under some circumstances. Additionally, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) can be applied to help you cover expenses associated with your condition.

After exhausting all options, it may transpire that you would benefit from selling your home and moving in with relatives or applying for residential care. The Property Saviour team are well-versed in such circumstances and will give you honest impartial advice to help you feel informed and safe in making your decision.

Funding live-in care and residential rehabilitation

When discussing the topic of residential care for your spouse, parent or loved one, the elephant in the room will be the subject of how this would be funded. As the child or partner, you may not be able to afford to pay for a residential nursing home.  Therefore you will need to consider helping the person to sell their home to pay for it. Perhaps you already have been granted Power of Attorney (POA) to manage their affairs if they are no longer mentally capable of making their own decisions? In this case, we would deal with you directly and offer you the support to see the house sale through quickly, with minimal stress and disruption to your lives.

Will I have to sell my home to pay for care?

If you are applying to the council for residential care, this is usually means-tested, which means that the amount you will pay will depend on the level of your savings and capital assets such as your home. For those who do not have adequate savings in the bank, or any stocks, shares and investments to sell, the likelihood is that you will indeed need to sell your home.  
According to the NHS website, care fees across the UK will typically cost:
  • £600 a week for residential care
  • £840 a week for a nursing home
  • Greater for those with dementia, COPD and other more serious conditions 

Quick house sale with Property Saviour

As professional cash house buyers, we are not reliant on mortgages.  Therefore we can buy your property with great speed and efficiency. We can prove we have the funds available, unlike many house buying companies online (just ask them!).  Our average completion takes just 19 days, which includes weekends too. We can usually exchange contracts on the date of your choosing and allow the person to live in the property until alternative care arrangements are fully in place.


I found these guys online and was a little bit sceptical at first as I've read horror stories about some house buying companies... but it ended up being super easy.

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Covid-19 impact on health & debt

If Coronavirus and the UK lockdowns have further complicated your situation and increased your mortgage arrears or other debts, you should be eligible for temporary relief from many organisations. However, if you feel this is not a feasible long-term position to be in due to your failing health, we can help you release the funds from your property so you can move in with family, rent or downsize. Perhaps your employer was unable to furlough you, or your health has deteriorated from the stress of the Pandemic and its associated economical impact on all our lives. Let Property Saviour be your guiding light; we hope to bring a little peace back into your world and help you sleep better at night.

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