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Can’t sell your commercial property?  Need to release equity? Retiring from business? Whether you have lease issues, problem tenants or property in poor condition?

We will buy it for cash.

We are professional commercial property buyers trusted by commercial landlords and business owners

If you are looking to sell a commercial building which is unprofitable or has been hard to sell, all is not lost.  As cash buyers of commercial property, we will make you a fair offer and once you accept, we will guide you through the process and stay in touch day-to-day until it completes.

You should be in control of selling your commercial property quickly without the hassle or uncertainty.  You do not need a fussy and non-committed mortgage dependant buyer because you need to sell now. 

If you are fed-up of using a commercial agent and wondering how to sell your own commercial property fast, Property Saviour will help.

As genuine cash buyers for commercial property in the UK, we can complete the purchase in as quick as three weeks or sooner if you need us to.

If you have a commercial property to sell, time is of the essence.  The longer the sale drags on, the more it will cost you in business rates, mortgage repayments and property insurance.  Whether you have inherited a commercial property or you are a retiring landlord, we are here to help. 

Sell with certainty and speed with Property Saviour.  You can sell commercial property online.  Whatever the condition of your commercial property, we are here to help.  Let us make you a cash offer today and if you accept we will pay your legal fees and complete in a timescale that works for you.

What is the best way to sell commercial property?

We are professional cash buyers who can step in situations where you need a quick sale, or are finding it difficult to sell due to legal issues.  We offer a real alternative to selling a commercial property at auction by offering you certainty of a cash offer.

Some of the situations we deal with are:

Selling a commercial property but struggling?

Selling  a commercial property on the open market is tough and unpredictable.

Traditional method of putting your commercial property up for sale requires you to conduct viewings, hope to get an offer, then once accepted, you have surveys done only for the buyer to change their mind or reduce their offer at the last minute.  Whether you have a business property or a tenanted property to sell, the traditional selling route can cause you unnecessary stress or money worries.

With the bank requiring a 40% deposit and a very strict lending criteria means there’s no guarantee that a sale will complete.  Cost of selling a commercial property can easily run into tens thousands of pounds.  If a deal can’t be done then you will end up thousands of pounds out of pocket once you have paid for abortive fees to your solicitor, business rates, mortgage repayments and insurance charges.

Many commercial property owners prefer the certainty of a quick sale.  If you are thinking of selling a commercial property in the UK then Property Saviour is one of a few companies who buys commercial properties, we can make you a fair cash offer today.

We offer a simple property buying service.  Our team are here to answer any questions you may have.  Once you have given us details of the property, we can make a decision after our research and then agree a sale price with you.

Avoid the hassle and time consuming process.  You decide when you wish to complete.

How to sell any commercial property fast?

Types of commercial property we will buy

Talk to us about selling your commercial property

We don't care what condition it's in. We don't need mortgages.
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Sold a property through Saddat at Property Saviour. Always a pleasure to deal with him. Always comes back to you if there is a problem.

Jane Mumford

We will buy any commercial property quickly

Whether you have a problematic commercial property that’s been difficult to sell or you just prefer the certainty of selling to a professional cash buyers, we are here to help.

We believe that selling any commercial property should be easy, and you should be in control of when you want the sale to complete.  Forget about listing a property with a commercial agent and hoping for a fast sale.  When it comes to selling commercial properties, we are the experts.  You can sell your commercial property faster with us so whether you have an industrial property or any type of commercial buildings, we can help.

One of the benefits of dealing with us is that we don’t act on behalf of investors.  You’ll be selling to us.  Our customers have praised our communication, and we are honoured to receive 5 star reviews. 

We offer a real alternative to selling on the open market by offering you a fair cash price, with full transparency and certainty that sale will go ahead to a speedy completion.  You do not have to pay for expensive solicitor fees and commercial property agent fees.  We will pay £1,500 towards your legal fees and because you are dealing directly with a buyer, there is no need for an estate agent. 

We buy commercial property in poor condition

Dilapidated commercial property we sold in Liverpool
This dilapidated commercial property had stood empty for 30 years. It had a pigeon infestation, exposed roof, collapsed floor boards and was leaning to one side. Highways Authority had condemend this property as being unsafe and were worried that it could collapse anytime. We bought it for cash. Location: Liverpool.

Commercial premises are often left empty for long periods of time in between tenancies. The lack of maintenance and care of the building can lead to burst pipes, water damage, collapsed ceilings, wood rot, rising damp, mould and pests.

The sight of a vacant building can invite vandalism, break-ins and unwanted intruders like squatters. The cost of damage mounts up quickly, leaving you with legal bills and renovation expenses. 

Sell your commercial property with squatters

A business premises may be left empty if the company occupying it has gone into receivership. You may not have had the foresight to employ adequate protection, utilise a live-in guardian scheme or hire security.  

Your tenants could also illegally sublet to their own friends or family, thus giving you the nightmare of removing the illegal occupants. 

Sell commercial property with a squatter
Mess and damage caused by squatters in a warehouse. Property Saviour bought this property without viewing it. Once bought, we were able to secure council accomodation for the squatter, assisted with removal costs and cleared the site with many items donated to local charities in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

No signed lease with your tenants or a short lease? Not a problem

Ground floor inherited retail shop with lease issues
Retail property with a short and defective lease in Croydon, South London, sold quickly to Property Saviour. It took us a further one year to sort out the lease. With 3 abortive transactions, the sellers who inherited this commercial property had enough before calling Property Saviour.

You may only have a verbal agreement with your tenants instead of drawing up a formal lease.  This can leave you vulnerable. If the tenants occupying the building have been paying regularly for over a year, they have rights in law to stay there.  This property did not have a proper lease drawn up with the freeholder with ground rent and service consideration missing.  It was deemed as unmortgageable by several surveyors with 3 collapsed sales before we bought it.

There was a verbal tenancy agreement with the tenant.

We are able to take a view when it comes to risky commercial property property investment and this sets us apart from our competitors.

Let us take care of everything.


How do I find commercial property buyers?

Property Saviour are genuine  commercial property buyers.  We buy any commercial property for cash.  We recognise that selling a commercial property on open market is not easy.  That is our cash avoids commercial property agency fees and there are no delays.

If you have a commercial property to sell, whether its tenanted or empty, we can complete the purchase within 3-4 weeks or quicker if your solicitor can send us the legal contract sharpish.

If you’re struggling to sell your commercial space because of a short lease, the property may be considered unmortgageable.  You won’t be able to sell to commercial property investors unless they can come up with the cash.  If you wish to sell to an owner-occupier, there’s a huge choice of freehold commercial property for sale on the internet.

When it comes to buying commercial property, commercial buyers are often cautious and won’t proceed until everything turns green.  Property investment carries an element of risk that normal investors aren’t prepared to take.  You could end up with multiple valuations due their inability to get a loan approved or simply as a delay tactic to get you to drop the price.

This is where Property Saviour can help – we have access to cash funds to buy your property at short notice and we don’t require a mortgage.  The idea of buying commercial real estate isn’t foreign to us.  We are decisive, have finance in place and will not be using a buyers agent or appraiser.  We are genuine commercial property buyers.

Property Saviour are able to buy the property complete with squatters or illegal tenants and we deal with the legal side after you receive your cash to move on.

How much does it cost to sell a commercial property?

Cost of selling a commercial property includes the following:

  • Commercial estate agent fees – typically 1% to 3% of the property’s value
  • Solicitor fees – for conveyancing can be as much £2,000 plus VAT or more
  • Mortgage redemption fee – if you pay your mortgage off early
  • Business Rates – during the duration of sale or while the property is empty
  • Empty property insurance – depending on condition of property and its location
  • Capital gains tax – if you make a profit on your sale
  • Removal costs – if you have equipment, furniture or other assets to remove.
If you instruct Property Saviour we can cover your legal fees of up to £1,500.
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Commercial property buyers in Leeds and UK

We’re located in West Yorkshire, but you don’t have to live close by to work with us.  We actively help commercial property sellers in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Halifax.  

We also work with clients from all around England and support overseas sellers and never fail to keep in touch. So, if you want sound advice from professional property buyers who won’t keep you waiting months for an offer – get in touch.

Fill out our contact form or call us at anytime for a free, confidential chat about how we can secure a fast, successful price for your commercial property.

I want to sell my commercial property quickly

Please take time to read our case studies from clients who have already completed a fast commercial property sale with us.  Once you’re feeling confident, we aim to make sure we’re the best buyer for you. We are genuine buyers who want to share your success and be part of your selling process.

Have you looked at pros and cons of renting your commercial property instead of selling it?

How do I sell my property fast - the process:

Selling commercial property is complex as it requires legal requirements to be fulfilled such as an asbestos survey and a valid Energy Performance Certificate.  Naturally it takes a little longer than a residential property but we will guide you through the process.

If you need to sell now, we can guarantee to put funds into your solicitor account within 3 weeks or quicker.

Normally, when selling a property, a normal buyer can be hesitant, meaning the process of exchanging contracts can take several months. We put you in control of sale:

  • You tell us how quickly you’d like to exchange contracts
  • We will appraise the property and give you an indicative cash offer
  • We may carry out a survey but the price is we offer is guaranteed
  • Once you accept our offer, we instruct solicitor and complete within your timeframe.
Only a true cash property buyer is able to buy a commercial property within a few weeks. Property Saviour has been buying warehouses, offices, restaurants and shops for cash for over 10 years.

If you are selling a commercial property and worried about tax implication, it really depends on your personal tax position and your circumstances.

You may have to pay Corporation Tax if property is held in a Limited Company or Capital Gains Tax. Check with your accountant.  We can make you a cash offer today.

Commercial sales require extensive due diligence and any mortgage dependant buyer will have to put up 40% deposit, it can easily take up to 6 months to conclude. If you can’t wait, there is an alternative way to sell.

Absolutely! You do not need a commercial estate agent and wait for months to sell.  Selling now for cash within a couple of weeks could be the alternative you are looking for?

Your situation determines when you should sell a commercial property. In a situation where certainty and speed of sale are important, Property Saviour will help you.

You can never time the commercial property market.  If you need to sell now, you can’t wait for the ideal time to sell.  Sellers love the certainty of a sale to a genuine cash buyer like Property Saviour.

Asbestos survey is a must if you need to sell a commercial property.  This is a legal requirement.  Property Saviour can pay for your survey and legal fees if you accept our cash offer.

A residential agent will not have the knowledge or experience of valuing a commercial building.  It is likely to end in tears. Why not speak to us to see how much we can offer?

Capital gains tax is calculated on capital appreciation – a rise in value since you have bought the property.  If property was bought in a Limited Company then there maybe a Corporation Tax to pay.  Consult with your account to see if you have to pay.

Valuing a commercial property is not as simple as a residential property.  Commercial property valuation depend on demand for your property and income that it produces.  Get a free cash offer to see how much you can get.

You can sell a commercial property at a time that it suits you. Perhaps you are retiring or need to release equity? We will help as genuine cash buyers, we can complete the purchase in a hassle free manner.

We are often found in Google search for the question, ‘how to sell a commercial property by owner?’

As commercial property owner, if you need to sell quickly then you could consider a commercial property buyer such as Property Saviour.  We will complete the sale in 2-3 weeks, offer you cash for your property and pay your legal fees.

You can sell your commercial property as is to a professional commercial buyer like Property Saviour. We will buy any commercial property in any condition – without the hassle. Complete within your timeframe.

Absolutely! You can sell your commercial privately to Property Saviour who will pay all your legal fees and complete the sale within 3-4 weeks or a timescale that works for you.

A residential estate agent is expert is residential sales so therefore, it is best to appoint a commercial estate agent.  Have you considered selling your commercial property as it is – without the agent?

When a landlord sells a commercial property during its lease then landlord’s interest is sold subject to existing lease. In simple words, the new owner becomes the landlord on same terms as before.  We work with landlords who are looking to sell commercial property with certainty and speed.

Selling a leasehold commercial property is not much difference from selling a property with vacant possession.  The difference is that new owner inherits the tenants and their terms of lease.  Property Saviour buy tenanted commercial properties all the time.

Commercial landlords and business owners sell for a variety of reasons including releasing equity to retire/relocate or start-up a new business, a long term lease is ending or area demographic has changed.  Commercial landlords trust Property Saviour to help them achieve a quick sale with certainty.

Tenant’s current lease is binding agreement so as soon as you sell a commercial property, the new landlord inherited the lease.  We will buy your tenanted commercial property.

If you are selling a commercial building you will need an EPC.  Property Saviour can re-imburse you the cost of EPC if you sell to us.

Following documents are required when it comes to selling a commercial property:

  • An asbestos survey
  • Energy Performance Certificate or an EPC
  • Replies to Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSE)
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Planning and Building Regulation certificates.

The average time to sell a suitable commercial property in an area of demand can take between 6 to 12 months.  Why not sell it now and avoid paying business rates for an empty commercial property?

You can sell a commercial building via an commercial estate agent with no guarantee of a sale or you can sell it without any hassle to Property Saviour.

The process for selling your old commercial building is quite easy. Make an enquiry with us, we will make you an offer and if you accept we aim to complete the sale within 3 weeks period.

The timeframe it can take to sell a commercial property depends on demand for your property, due diligence and speed of solicitors.  If you need to release equity tied up, Property Saviour can help.

Commercial lease automatically transfers on sale of a property as leases are registered with Land Registry.  New owner will become the landlord.

You can sell any type of commercial building to us. We will buy any commercial property including:

  • Offices
  • Takeaways
  • Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Pubs
  • Industrial units
  • Restaurants
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Factories

You can’t live in a commercial property because it is not fit for human habitation, an in addition you could be fined by the council, and be in breach of mortgage and insurance conditions.  You may wish to sell your commercial property and move into a residential property.  This is where we can help you.

Customer Case Studies

Want to sell your commercial property without the hassle?

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