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Struggling to sell your commercial property due to lease problems, tenants or poor condition? We can buy it for cash.

Trusted by commercial landlords and business owners, our rapid solutions meet your tight deadlines

If you have a commercial property to sell, there are numerous factors to be aware of. You will need to have an understanding of the legislation surrounding commercial property sales, local property values and an awareness of what commercial property buyers are looking for from sellers.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to do lots of research, or time is of the essence, you can choose to sell your commercial property through Property Saviour.  

Can I sell my commercial property quickly for cash?

We are professional cash buyers who can step in hastily in certain situations where you need a quick sale, or are finding it difficult to sell due to legal issues. Some of the situations we deal with are:

  • Commercial property with no lease
  • Commercial property with a short lease
  • Squatters occupying a commercial property
  • Selling a fire or water-damaged commercial property 
  • Selling commercial property due to retirement or ill-health
  • Selling tenanted commercial property
  • Selling commercial property you inherited

Many commercial property sellers now skip the traditional method completely – cutting out legal costs, lengthy written contracts, and the time-consuming process that is associated with it. 

Types of commercial property we buy

Problematic commercial properties

If you own a commercial building which is unprofitable or has been hard to sell, all is not lost.  As commercial property buyers, here at Property Saviour, we guide you through the process and continue to stay in touch day-to-day.  We have strong values – firmly believing that selling a commercial property should be easy and that you, as a seller, should get the best advice and price possible.

We buy commercial property in poor condition

Dilapidated commercial property we sold in Liverpool
Dilapidated commercial property we sold in Liverpool

Commercial premises are often left empty for long periods of time, between tenancies. The lack of maintenance and care of the building can lead to burst pipes, water damage, collapsed ceilings, wood rot, rising damp, mould and pests.

The sight of a vacant building can invite vandalism, break-ins and unwanted intruders like squatters. The cost of damage mounts up quickly, leaving you with legal bills and renovation expenses. 

Sell your commercial property with squatters

A business premises may be left empty if the company occupying it has gone into receivership. You may not have had the foresight to employ adequate protection, utilise a live-in guardian scheme or hire security.  

Your tenants could also illegally sublet to their own friends or family, thus giving you the nightmare of removing the illegal occupants. 

Sell commercial property with a squatter
Mess and damage caused by squatters in a warehouse, Property Saviour did a free site clearance

No lease or short lease? Not a problem

Ground floor inherited retail shop with lease issues
Retail property with short lease in Croydon, South London, sold quickly to Property Saviour

You may only have a verbal agreement with your tenants instead of drawing up a formal lease, but this can leave you vulnerable. If the tenants occupying the building have been paying regularly for over a year, they have rights in law to stay there. Let us remove the hassle, as we did for Alex who was too ill to continue managing on his own.

If you’re struggling to sell your commercial space because of a short lease, the property may be considered unmortgageable.  You won’t be able to sell to a standard buyer unless they can come up with the cash.  This is where Property Saviour can help – we have access to cash funds to buy your property at short notice and we don’t require a mortgage.

Property Saviour is able to buy the property complete with squatters or illegal tenants and we deal with the legal side after you receive your cash to move on.

How much does it cost to sell a commercial property the traditional way?

This depends on many factors, but would include the following:

  • Commercial estate agent fees – typically 1 to 3% of the property value
  • Solicitor fees – for conveyancing 
  • Mortgage redemption fee – if you pay your mortgage off early
  • Capital gains tax – if you make a profit on your sale
  • Removal costs – if you have equipment, furniture or other assets to remove
If you instruct Property Saviour we can cover your legal fees of up to £1,500.
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"Professional, Honest & Dependable." - Thomas Moran (Google review)

Commercial property buyers in Leeds

We’re located in West Yorkshire, but you don’t have to live close by to work with us.  We actively help commercial property sellers in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Halifax.  

We also work with clients from all around England and support overseas sellers and never fail to keep in touch. So, if you want sound advice from professional property buyers who won’t keep you waiting months for an offer – get in touch.

Fill out our contact form or call us at anytime for a free, confidential chat about how we can secure a fast, successful price for your commercial property.

We can help you sell your commercial property quickly

Please take time to read our case studies from clients who have already completed a fast commercial property sale with us.  Once you’re feeling confident, we aim to make sure we’re the best buyer for you. We are genuine buyers who want to share your success and be part of your selling process.

We can exchange contracts in days

Normally, when selling a property, a buyer can be hesitant, meaning the process of exchanging contracts can take longer than expected. Property Saviour guarantee to put the funds from your property into your bank in up to 21 days.

  • You tell us how quickly you’d like to exchange contracts
  • We can happily provide proof of funds
  • We will exchange contracts in days as there are no banks involved
  • We will complete – as per your instruction, often in 10 days or quicker.

Only a true cash property buyer is able to buy a commercial property within a few weeks. Property Saviour has been buying warehouses, offices, restaurants and shops for cash for over 10 years.

Customer Case Studies

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