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Jackie’s Mum Sold Her Home to Downsize & Relocate

Jackie’s elderly mum lived in a large house in Orpington.  The house became too big for her to manage on her own.

Over the years, the roof leak became a major damp issue, and the house became uninhabitable.

Jackie seller in Orpington

Jackie wanted her mum to live closer to her in Southampton.  But before her mum could consider relocating, she needed to sell the house in Orpington.  200-mile return journey to check up on her mum’s welfare was taking its toll.

The house needed a lot of renovation, with an overgrown garden and many surplus possessions that needed clearing.

Because of the poor condition of the house, it was not mortgageable.  We offered a free house clearance.

Jackie wanted to sell the house in its condition.

Jackie contacted Property Saviour, and we made her an offer, which she accepted. 

Understandably, Jackie was concerned for her mum’s health, and certainty of sale was important to her.  She met with Ramnik at the house.

Having secured a buyer, she needed to find a small bungalow for her mum.

We told her she could take her time, as we would wait for her mum to find the perfect forever home.

Jackie found a perfect bungalow close to her home. 

However, their sellers were in a complex property chain.  It was not an issue for us.  It took several months for the chain completion dates to align.

We exchanged contracts and agreed on a completion date.  Jackie’s solicitor took care of her mum’s onward purchase.  It must have been a real relief to have her mum close by.

This is what Jackie had to say about her experience:

Experience was made easy.

Our dad died last year which left our mum in a house too big for her and it needed a lot doing, which she couldn’t do on her own.

I came across Property Saviour via YouTube and when mum was ready we got in touch and met Ramnik.

Communication was excellent, which made it so much easier to explain everything to mum.

Mum had a lot of stuff which was quite overwhelming for us all, but Ramnik helped us out so much.  She now has moved out after only 3 months and is happy to start again nearer to us.

Thank you for all your help Ramnik.



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