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Keith Sold Squatter Occupied Commercial Property

When Keith’s tenant moved out, their ex-employee had moved into the factory’s office as a squatter.  

The office was illegally converted into a dwelling and due to takeaway food not being disposed of, there was a rat infestation.

With the courts closed at the height of the Covid lockdown, Keith just wanted to sell his commercial property and retire.

Keith sold his squatter occupied factory

Problem: How to sell a squatter-occupied commercial property?

Keith got in touch with us.  We weren’t allowed to view the property, and only external inspection was allowed.

Keith didn’t want to alert the squatter who had a ring doorbell installed.  Squatting is legal for any empty commercial property.

Even external viewing had to be carried out under the pretence of a lost person.

Option 1: Sell commercial property as is for cash

Keith accepted a cash offer from us.  We bought the property within 3 weeks as Keith had already obtained an asbestos survey (a legal requirement for commercial properties).

I had a property to sell in Bradford – a commercial property – and Property Saviour were very interested

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We’ll pay £1,500 towards your legal fees. There are no surveys to worry about.

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How the story unfolded?

After our purchase, we spoke to squatter and asked her to leave.

After several months, she was able to secure a council flat.  We paid her deposit.

A local neighbour kindly offered to move her in his van.

She moved on to a safer property and Keith could start to enjoy his retirement.

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