Selling Your House to Relocate or Move Abroad

Moving home for work, family, relationships or to pay off debts? If you’re selling up at short notice, we’re the ones to trust.

Efficient and responsive cash house buyers for those who need to relocate unexpectedly or urgently.

At certain points in our lives, we may find a sudden change of circumstance forces us to think about moving home without really being ready – to another local town, halfway across the country, or emigrating to another continent. 

The unsettling feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, on receiving news that a family member is critically ill, can be shocking enough to find yourself rapidly scanning the internet and local newspapers to discover what your house is worth.

Likewise, the announcement of a new job or promotion in a different location, whilst exciting, could also bring about apprehension and trepidation when you consider the upheaval of moving home to be closer to work.

Property Saviour can buy your current house for cash, with a quick exchange of contracts and the ability for you to stay in your home, rent free, until moving day.

Why do you need to move home quickly?

Our team of property buying experts find that, although our clients move home suddenly for a multitude of reasons, the deciding factor in selling their home is often the need to free up cash. They may want to buy a new home, find a flat to rent, or they need money for medical bills, debts or to help their families. Other reasons we see commonly, include:

Downsizing or selling your house to pay off debts

Try as we might, we’re all only human and your debt situation may have become too extensive to resolve by usual means. Please always take advice from reputable sources including organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and the National Debtline, before you decide to sell your house. 

Selling your home to avoid reposession

Once mortgage arrears get to a certain level and the lender either deems that you are unable to pay the monthly repayments according to its affordability criteria, or the mortgage term would have to be extended too far beyond the normal age of retirement, they could instigate a Suspended Possession Order through the court. If you pay this arrangement on time and keep your nose clean, you may eventually break free of the arrears and be removed from the litigation process.

Alternatively, in extreme cases, the lender could apply for Full Repossession of your property, which would result in forfeiting your home and handing over the keys. The property is then sold, usually, at auction to the highest bidder, the original loan is satisfied, but since there is unlikely to be any surplus due to charges and legal costs, it is possible there will be a deficit. You may be legally required to pay the mortgage shortfall.

High interest rates keeping you stuck?

Mortgage interest rates have been a bone of contention for many borrowers over recent years, particularly those with interest-only mortgages. Standard variable rates can rise at the lender’s discretion and do not track the Bank of England base rate, so often seem way out of line with day-to-day living costs. According to This is Money, the financial website of the Mail Online, one in four homeowners are paying their lender’s highest standard variable mortgage rate.

The FCA ruling on re-mortgaging & switching lenders

Re-mortgaging with your existing lender or a new lender is permitted under certain criteria. But the affordability rules are complex and can be daunting to understand. If you have been turned down for a re-mortgage and feel you have no way out, please talk to us. We can help you get cash back for your property in as little as 7 days, with no commission.  We even pay your legal fees.

Mortgage Prisoners and affordability criteria

People are reluctant to re-mortgage due to the intense scrutiny of their finances, and when asking to change onto a different mortgage product at a lower rate, they are often told they would not be ‘able to afford the new payments’ – despite having paid more than the new projected amount for many months or years prior.

Often these mortgages are packaged up as sub-prime and sold on to vulture funds who then manage the repayments.  This has led to the birth of a campaign group called Mortgage Prisoners, headed up by Rachel Neale and supported by Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert.

Sadly, the proposed interest rate cap was rejected by the Government in April 2021 which left many homeowners further distressed, at risk of losing their home to repossession and suffering severe mental health problems including PTSD.

Property Saviour can help Mortgage Prisoners who risk losing their home

Property Saviour staff are sympathetic in these sensitive and complex situations.  We can discuss all the possible outcomes for clients facing such an uncertain future, whilst the amendments to the Financial Services Bill continue to be debated.  We truly understand the devastating impact this had on many people across the UK.  If you would like to consider selling your property to reclaim your life and mental health, we’re more than happy to help.  No pressure.  No annoying mailing lists.  No pushy sales staff.  We promise.

Relocating for a new job or promotion

Congratulations on your new job. You’ll be moving to a stunning apartment in a shiny new development in a swanky part of town? Great! We bet you can’t wait. 

So, you pass the 3 month trial period with flying colours, all seems to be working out, the boss is awesome, the team adore you and you’re happy. 

But suddenly the reality sets in.  You’re paying a mortgage on your main home, and your salary won’t cover both the mortgage and the new rent. Time for a decision! 

Our team are trusted by clients across England to sell flats and houses in the shortest possible time, to get you the money you need with a stress-free sale. You sell directly to us, we have the money in the bank ready to buy.  We’re happy to provide proof of funds.  So there’s no estate agent, auction or middle man. You can exchange whenever it suits you. 

All you need to do is remove possessions or vacate the housesitting friend with her 3 cats, cupcake business and 16 house plants.  It’s all calm, comfortable and organised with the least disruption to your job.  And your sanity stays intact. 


I was looking to sell my property quickly after being offered a job abroad, I needed to sell within a month ... I then contacted Property Saviour ... I sold my house to them in 15 days.

Simple Energy

Job taking you to a new country?

Let's get you moving fast.

Moving house tips: how to make it quick and simple

You might have read websites by other “we buy any house” types of companies, who promise to nurture their clients and achieve miraculous timescales for completion, yet rarely deliver. 

We’re not like that at all – we value relationships. Our team will be on your side, from the time you pick up the phone to make the initial call, right through to helping you move.  In fact, here’s our best tips for keeping everything under control on your moving day:

You can see case studies from our previous clients at the bottom of the page, and indeed, all around the site as we’re proud of our reputation and our values – honesty, integrity and kindness.

Relocating and needing to sell fast?

We do what we say, when we say.

Did exactly as promised and received a reasonable 'cash offer' which was for more than I thought it would be.

Emma Kinloch

Covid-19 impact on health & debt

If Coronavirus and the UK lockdowns have further complicated your situation and increased your mortgage arrears or other debts, you should be eligible for temporary relief from many organisations. However, if you feel this is not a feasible long-term position to be in due to your failing health, we can help you release the funds from your property so you can move in with family, rent or downsize. Perhaps your employer was unable to furlough you, or your health has deteriorated from the stress of the Pandemic and its associated economical impact on all our lives. Let Property Saviour be your guiding light.  We hope to bring a little peace back into your world and help you sleep better at night.

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