How to Identify a Genuine Cash House Buyer

If you are a seller looking to achieve a quick sale of your residential property then you really do not need months of delays when it comes to selling your property.  You certainly don’t want to wait until April to have a good chance of selling as that’s usually when property market starts to pick up.  Unfortunately far too many ‘we buy any house‘ companies act as property sourcers for investors or as online estate agents.

To share our knowledge, we have put together our tips on how to differentiate between an estate agent, a property sourcer or a true cash buyer.  What if you are selling a problem property that is unmortgageable and therefore, can’t be sold on the open market?

These 6 questions will help you decide whether or not you are dealing with a genuine cash house buyer or not.

Who will buy my property?

If the answer is investors, they are an estate agent or sourcer – not a genuine cash buyer.  Property Saviour is a Yorkshire-based company. We will actually buy your property from our own company funds anywhere in England.

What is the name of the company?

Read their reviews on Trust Pilot and check their Google Reviews (ours are here and here).  

Property Saviour is proud to feature some of our lovely clients on this site. Detailed case studies with the client’s personal story (published with their permission) help you gain a real insight into the reasons people sell their home, how it all works and most importantly, how they felt after dealing with us.

Sarah, a landlady sold her rented property

Sarah sold her rural tenanted property

I had a tenanted property that I wanted to sell quickly and with no hassle to allow me to relocate closer to family. I found Property Saviour and read their reviews, which really helped my decision. I spoke with Saddat, who was knowledgeable and happy to take on my property with the tenants in place, which meant I had no problems with notifying them. Saddat gave me time to make my decision and answer all of my follow up questions too. I didn’t feel pressurised, which was very important to me. Saddat kept me up-to-date throughout the sale and gave...

Read Full Testimonial
Smiling Mick

House with structural issues sold fast

Property Saviour bought a house with structural movement. We sold our house to Property Saviour as it had structural movement in the past. I found Saddat to be very helpful and pleasant to deal with at all times.  Highly recommended.

Read Full Testimonial

Who are the solicitors acting for them?

Read the solicitors’ reviews and share them with us. Can they complete a purchase in 20 days or quicker? Phone their office and ask them how long does it take to sell your property if you had a cash buyer?  Then you can ask them if they acted for them before?

Just to give you an idea, a normal run-of-the-mill solicitor will take 2 weeks to ‘open the file’ and send you the documents in the post and ‘await instructions’.   They probably will use pigeon mail too, but lets not get into that.

How long will it take?

It should not more than 3 weeks maximum from start to finish. Contracts should be able to be exchanged quickly since they should have the funds readily available if they are a true cash buyer. 

If you sense any hesitancy or doubt, this means that your property will be advertised, without your permission or knowledge, on property sourcing Facebook groups.  The buyer will be an investor requiring a mortgage.  The entire process can take months. We have spoken to sellers who were stuck for well over 12 months.

Do they have proof of funds?

This will really wind up anyone who is not a true cash buyer.  Ask them if they are a property sourcer?  We believe they will quickly hang up the call.

Can you speak to their previous clients?

Try to speak to people they bought properties from in the past and ask if they’d be willing to let you chat to them direct. A genuine company will have no reservations in offering you access to their case studies and the real people featured in them.  Look at their adverts featuring sellers.  Are they filmed in a studio with perfect script and smiling actors?  We believe these are fake reviews.  Quite a few ‘we buy any house’ companies buy reviews to show off how they have so many reviews.

If you are ready to sell to an honest company that genuinely cares and wants your five star review please click  the link below.

ready to sell?

We're very human and extremely patient. We have funds ready and can exchange within days.

Cash house buyers are professional property investors, with cash available to be able to buy a property quickly without relying on a mortgage. A genuine cash house buyer will be able to provide proof of their money.

If you need certainty of a quick sale, a cash offer is better than an offer from a buyer who needs a mortgage because it is less risky.

It means you can sell within a few days, with no fees to pay.  Property Saviour will buy any property.

Yes, all cash offers can fall through.  This happens once surveyor finds defects with the property or there are title issues.  A seller can refuse a cash offer if they do not believe the buyer will go ahead or their situation has changed.  Property Saviour promise not to withdraw our cash offer.

Unfortunately, many companies that claim to be cash house buyers are not genuine. There are several scams, and this is how to spot them:

  1. Can you buyer provide you with details of their solicitors?
  2. Have you seen the proof of funds?
  3. How quickly can they exchange contracts?
  4. Who is the actual buyer?

Under no circumstances, sign an option agreement because this will tie you into a contract. Your cash buyer will then sell the property on, and you could be waiting for several months before the sale goes through.

If you want to have an honest conversation with us, we can help.

A cash house buyer will not need a mortgage to buy your house so there’s more certainty.  Not having a mortgage lender means there are fewer hurdles along the way and this can cut down sales completion timeframe substantially.

If your property is in poor condition, it is likely that you will not be able to sell it to a buyer who needs a mortgage. If your property has a missing freeholder, short lease or missing deeds then only a cash buyer can purchase it.

Professional cash house buyers can pay up to 80% of value of your property and complete the sale within 10 days or quicker.  Not all cash house buyers have the cash though so be vary of anyone offering you 100% of value of your property – as they are likely to be online estate agents or introducers.

A real cash house buyer will pay a fair price for your property. It would be helpful if he/she is aware of any issues with the property upfront.

Whether the house needs work or has legal issues, be honest. The buyer will then make an offer based on how much it may cost to fix the problem.

We believe we are one of the best cash house buyers in the UK. The proof of this is in our sellers leaving us five-star reviews. We hope that you will be happy with our service and will leave us with a video review.

The pros are there is no risk of mortgage issues. It is a chain free house sale and the process should be much faster than a mortgage dependant buyer.

The cons are cash offers are often less than asking price.  Often cash buyer only properties are advertised because there is something wrong with the property or seller needs a quick sale.

Who is better choice – cash buyer or a mortgage buyer?

Cash buyer buyer is better because it is less risky, faster sale and more control. 

Professional cash buyers give you certainty and speed.

Selling to a cash buyer avoids a property chain as your buyer does not have to wait until they have sold their property.  With you dealing directly with a cash buyer means smoother conveyancing until sale of your property concludes.

The benefits of accepting a cash offer are:

  1. Quick completion – with no mortgage required, a sale can be completed within a few days.
  2. Less risk – sell with certainty that a mortgage survey is not needed.
  3. Selling the property as it is with no improvements required.
  4. Your legal fees paid by us.
  5. No estate agent fees to pay.
  6. It is a guaranteed offer.
  7. You decide when you wish to complete the sale.

Unfortunately, many companies that claim to be cash house buyers are not genuine. There are several scams, and this is how to spot them:

  • Can you buyer provide you with details of their solicitors?
  • Have you seen the proof of funds?
  • How quickly can they exchange contracts
  • Who is the actual buyer?
  • Under no circumstances, sign an option agreement because this will tie you into a contract. Your cash buyer will then sell the property on, and you could be waiting for several months before the sale goes through.

If you want to have an honest conversation with us, we can help.

Professional property cash buyers can be a great option if you need to sell your house fast.

You won’t have to wait months to sell.  Genuine cash house buyers offer sellers certainty, speed and a guaranteed sale without any fees.  Thus allowing sellers to move to new chapter of their lives.

First time buyer is highly unlikely to be a cash buyer.  They are the most nervous of all buyers and are likely to withdraw from a sale.

A true cash buyer is someone with money in the bank.  If you need certainty then you would be better off dealing with a professional cash house buyer like us.

A professional cash buyer will have the cash in the bank to buy your property whereas a mortgage dependant buyer needs bank’s permission to give them the money following a satisfactory survey.  Lending bank can withdraw their mortgage offer at any time.

Cash housing buying companies are not regulated by the UK government.

Be vary of any we buy any house company claiming to be regulated.

Help is at hand, follow our 6 golden rules to avoid all cash house buyer scams.

We’re always available if you want to have a chat.

Yes, we are one of the few legitimate cash property buying companies.

Not all property buying companies have the money to buy.  Or they might drop their price at the last minute.  We pay all your fees and our cash offer is 100% guaranteed.

There are also several so called ‘introducers’ who sell your details on.  Our guide tells you how to spot the ‘good guys’ from scammers.

A professional cash house buying firm will need around 20% discount in order to buy your property, fix it, sell it on or refinance it.

It is important to understand that no cash buyer can offer 90-100% of value as this leaves no margin for a profit.  Anyone offering this is likely to be an online estate agent.

Once a cash buyer has bought your house, they will improve it and fix any issues such as boundary disputes with neighbours or extending the short lease.

A cash buyer will own the property outright and you will achieve a quicker than normal sale.

The process for selling a house to a cash buyer is very similar to a normal sale except that your buyer does not need a mortgage. Professional cash buyers pay all your legal fees too and complete within a few days.

A cash buyer is someone with money in the bank, ready willing and able to buy your house – without the need for a mortgage.  Always worth checking if you are dealing with a genuine cash house buyer.

The best house buying company is one that is ethical, has genuine reviews from real sellers (not actors in studios), case studies and the price they offer is the price you get. In our opinion, it is Property Saviour.

Property Saviour is the best house selling site if you are looking for professional cash house buyers. With genuine five star reviews, a guaranteed cash offer, complete within your timescales, and we pay all your fees.

If you are selling to a professional cash house buyer who will indemnify searches, it will take 10 days or less for a house sale to go through. This is substantially quicker than 4 to 6 months wait with an estate agent.

If you are selling with an estate agent, it can take up to six months to sell.  If you sell to a cash house buyer, the sale can be completed within two weeks or sooner, depending on your timescales.

The dreaded conveyancing process can take up to six months once a sale has been agreed.  You could consider selling to a cash buyer who will pay all your legal fees and complete within a few days.

Tips on speeding up your house sale:

  1. Find a cash buyer ready, willing and able to buy
  2. Avoid being in a chain
  3. Accept a cash offer
  4. Agree your target completion date
  5. Respond to queries
  6. Continue to communicate
  7. Leave a review

On average, searches can take up to four weeks to complete.  Once your buyer has searches, they are likely to raise further enquiries and this delays your sale.  If you need a quicker sale, you could consider a cash buyer who will pay all your legal fees, indemnify searches and complete quickly.

A professional house buying company will buy your house or property directly from you. They should offer to pay your legal fees and complete the sale within a few days.  Make sure you are dealing with a genuine cash house buying company.

Selling to a ready, willing and able cash buyer takes out the mortgage application, the uncertainty of a survey and the sale can conclude fast.  Professional cash house buyers will pay all your legal fees too and complete in just a few days.

Professional cash buyers come with a reduced risk. They are buying your property, pay your legal fees.  You can sell with certainty and complete the sale in just a few days.

We will renovate the property once bought, add value, resolve any legal issues and then either rent or sell the property.

As a business, we need to make a profit. We need to cover our buying and selling costs, pay for advertising and staff overheads.  This is why we can’t offer full market value for a property.  We do offer a fully guaranteed cash offer, pay your legal fees and complete fast.  Or you could sell on the open market and get the price with no guarantee of sale going through.

Sellers who need certainty and speed choose to go with us.  This could be an Executor of an inherited property, a couple moving abroad, someone in a property chain or a retiring landlord.  We are preferred alternative to estate agents when a seller needs a guaranteed sale within a limited timeframe.

You should consider selling to an investor if you are looking for a quick sale within a fixed timeframe.  For instance, you need to sell this property to buy your next one or you need to move abroad.  A professional cash house buyer will pay for your legal fees.

A property investor will pay around 80% of value of a property.  This depends on condition of property, whether it needs work, its location and desirability from a sale or rental perspective.  If you opt for a professional cash house buyer, your legal fees will be paid and completion is very quick.

A typical investor will pay around 20-30% less than your asking price. This is because an investor is looking to add value to your home.  If you choose a reputable cash house buyer such as Property Saviour, we will pay all your legal fees too.

Investors are buying your house with a view to making a profit. Therefore, any investor will offer to pay you 20% less than your asking price in order to add value to the property before either renting it or selling it.  A professional investor will pay your legal fees meaning you could be better off.

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