Sell Your Unmortgageable Property Fast

When you’re struggling to sell a house due to structural damage or general disrepair, we provide a fast and final solution.

Trusted by hundreds of UK homeowners. We give you a fair cash price for your unmortgageable house.

If your house requires extensive renovation such as a new kitchen, new bathroom, new electrics, new central heating system, or possibly even attention to your roof and windows, then you may be struggling to sell in a reasonable timescale. We can help if you don’t have the inclination, nor the ability, to carry out the necessary renovation works. Just fill in our simple enquiry form to start the process. Or continue reading our helpful tips for more information on what to do if you’re struggling to sell an unmortgageable property.

Reasons a buyer might struggle to get a mortgage

To solve a problem, you often have to go back to basics and address the root of the issue. A successful property sale can only take place if all parties are on the same page, and ready at the same time.

  • Financial background – Most often, when trying to purchase a first home, buyers may struggle with getting a mortgage because of their own personal or financial background.  Debts and credit records obviously play a big part.
  • The property itself – However, the property’s condition, location, land registry issues, planning permissions and future developments in the area can all affect the risk taken by the lender. 

Mortage risk factors can include:

Properties in poor condition are generally unmortgageable

We know it can be a stressful situation to be in, because often the damage to your property may not have been your fault.  If poor quality tenants caused it, force majeure (an ‘act of God’) such as natural disasters, vandalism or negligence by a third party, you will probably be feeling rather resentful and exhausted by trying to sell. Don’t worry. We’ve seen it all before and we’ve helped many people just like you. 

Struggling to sell a problem property?

As the seller of a problematic property, perhaps you found us online because you were searching for:

  • Why is my home not selling?
  • What if my buyer can’t get a mortgage?
  • House sale fallen through again
  • Can I sell a house with subsidence?
  • How to sell a fire-damaged house?
  • Can you sell a house without the deeds?
  • How to sell my unmortgageable property 
Wouldn’t it be great to get all these answers – and other tips and tricks – from a professional team of property specialists who have been in the industry for many years?

Selling a house with dry rot?

We don't care what condition it's in.

My house was ridden with drying rot and I had two sales fall through before I managed to sell it to PS. I took less money than I ‘sold’ it for before but it was so worth it to get it done and dusted.

Sam Johnson

What to do when a buyer pulls out of a house sale

If you want to sell your property and it is not in great condition, or worse, completely uninhabitable, a mortgage lender would find it difficult to agree to the risk of lending money to someone who wishes to buy it.  If your buyer can’t borrow the funds to pay you (via a mortgage), they will back out of the sale and potentially break the property chain. 

Most buyers don’t physically have the cash and are reliant on external lending. So, getting to this point leaves you stuck and in limbo; it can affect your mental health and wellbeing when you can’t break free, especially if you are still paying a mortgage yourself on a place you can neither live in, let out nor sell. 

We have the funds ready to buy your poor condition home

At Property Saviour, we don’t need a mortgage to buy your home – as genuine cash buyers, we have the money available immediately and can provide proof of funds (unlike some home buying companies online). 

Some less-than-professional companies will simply lure you in with false promises, then cause undue delays while they flap around desperately trying to source the funds from investors. You certainly don’t need that stress, that’s why we make the whole process hassle-free and we’re on the end of the phone throughout.


Sold our house to property saviour as had structural movement in past, found Saddat to be very helpful and pleasant to deal with at all times, highly recommend.


Subsidence affecting your sale?

We guarantee a fast stress-free experience.

An approachable local team with exceptional communication

Property Saviour is well regarded in our local area of Leeds, and West Yorkshire in general.  We’re grateful to receive lots of referrals from our happy clients. Our small friendly team also covers the whole of the UK and we travel to meet clients on-site, where appropriate. 

We don’t hide behind our computer screens, use offshore call centres or automated chatbots like many companies in our industry. Adding the personal touch (and a bit of human kindness) is our superpower. We’re proud to be different. And we look forward to meeting you.

Other high-risk situations also affect mortgageability

Understanding your buyer’s potential problems will help you to better understand the issues you will face when trying to sell your inhabitable or unmortgageable home.  Our team of property specialists are often asked to step in and save the day by tackling these less common but equally troublesome, legal issues, planning permission problems and desirability factors. 

Our client success stories and case studies will give you a good idea of the range of property selling issues we deal with. Even if your issue isn’t listed on this page, please call us to chat about your individual needs. 

Property Saviour success stories

Customer Case Studies

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