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Piotr Sold Commercial Property With a Boundary Dispute

Piotr bought a former estate agent’s office in the beer garden of an adjoining pub with a shared gate for access.  He intended to convert the property into a single flat.

When the work started, his neighbour blocked his access and had to go to court, which he eventually won.

Piotr sold his dilapidated commercial building

Problem: Commercial property with a boundary dispute

Piotr had a full-time job, and managing builders was no longer an option.  Following the lockdown, the cost of materials and labour had gone through the roof. It wasn’t viable anymore.

The property had a lot of rising damp and wasn’t in a desirable part of Weston Super Mare.

The court fight was brutal, and although Piotr had won, the relationship was broken down with the neighbour.  It was a very stressful time.

The neighbour had converted the former pub into a House of Multiple Occupations (HMO).  Materials and rubbish were constantly being dumped into his part of the property, making his life difficult.

Option: Sell commercial property for cash

Piotr was searching for commercial property buyers on Google and came across Property Saviour.

We made him a cash offer, which he accepted. Ramnik then visited the property.

On the day of completion, the neighbouring tenants allegedly smashed our property’s door.

This is what Piotr had to say:

We tried to sell our property for a long time.

Contacted many buyers, but it wasn’t easy to sell. Then we found Property Saviour web side.

Quick answer from Ramnik. Very helpful, give us lots of tips. What else can I tell? Just a quick and easy sell. We are so grateful that we found them. Huge thanks again!


Piotr Lagowski

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