Sell Your House Quickly Via Estate Agents

Traditonal estate agents offer a convenient way to sell your house but if you need funds in a hurry there are safer options.

Planning to sell via an estate agent? False promises, delays and broken chains may scupper your plans.

Immediate property sales are often promised by both high street and online estate agents, mainly as a way to convince you to sign up so they can secure your business, but often the reality is not quite as rosy.

We will tell you what should look for in an estate agent.  How to spot a dishonest estate agent?  Following a huge demand by home owners for estate agency recommendations, we maybe to sell your property via our sister estate agency.

Traditional high street estate agents v. online estate agents

Each type of estate agent has its pros and cons. Our team have been buying and selling property for many years.  We’ve worked with a whole gamut of property professionals including many un-professionals.  So, we’re well placed to present the arguments for each of the options available.

Whether you’re looking to sell a house, bungalow, flat or maisonette, the choice of agent will affect your selling experience and the eventual outcome -whether it sells at all, how quickly it sells, fees charged and how much money you ultimately make on your property. 

High street estate agents

A high street estate agent is a more traditional way to sell your house, but you are dependent on the staff in the branch being available.

  • Office hours only – They will generally work strict office hours, often 9 am to 6 pm latest.  Many do not have the ability to answer calls around the clock.  Some of them have a call answering service who will know nothing about the property and pass the message on.
  • Proactive matching service – High street agents will contact prospective house buyers on their marketing lists to attempt to match them up with suitable properties such as yours.  Quite a few will have moved on since their original enquiry so ‘I have buyers’ is a myth.
  • Viewings arranged for you – They will arrange suitable times for the buyer to view your property, ensuring a representative from the estate agent company is also present to guide the client and introduce all aspects of the property.
  • Fees and charges – High street agents can charge as much as 3% plus VAT for selling your property, but only get paid when the property is sold.
  • Staging and presenting the property – Estate agents often advise sellers to consider staging their house with different furniture, vases, accessories and aspirational lifestyle elements in order to achieve a faster sale. You could spend thousands on interior design with no guarantee of selling your house quickly, or even at all.

Online estate agents

Some online estate agents offer additional benefits which you won’t find from a traditional high street branch, however, the drawbacks are usually the lack of personal attention you’ll receive.

  • Extended opening times – They are often available to answer calls and messages outside business hours, sometimes via live chat, or alternatively, an automated chatbot may guide you to the appropriate information on their website or FAQs.
  • No assistance with viewings – With online estate agents, you may have to do conduct viewings yourself.  This can put you in an awkward position as you could end up being haggled on the price if negotiation is not your strength.
  • Fees and charges – Some online estate agents also charge upfront fees.  Non-refundable of course, with no guarantee of a sale. 

Benefits of selling your house via an estate agent

  • Accessibility and high street presence – Traditional estate agents offer the convenience of being able to just pop in while you’re out shopping or on your lunch break.  When was last time a high street estate agent had a buyer walk through their doors?

    Many buyers prefer convenience of being able to find your property on Rightmove or other online property portals, and if they are interested they can call estate agent or make an enquiry via online portal.

  • Relationships and outreach – Geared towards matching the houses on their books with potential buyers, you will feel reassured that an estate agent will be constantly trying to find someone to buy your house.  Your property will be one of hundreds on their books.  The downside of this is that the buyer may be fickle, non-committal to the process, or loose in specifying their requirements. To this end, one in three sales fall through prematurely.
  • Marketing and photography – Estate agents spend money on quality photography to allow them to showcase the features of your property when advertising in the shop window, their website or mail-drop leaflets to local residents. Increasingly popular are the 3D videos and interactive house tours you see posted online, which allows a thorough virtual inspection without leaving your house.  You’re not getting it for free, though.  It comes out of the upfront fees you pay and this money will be wasted if they don’t sell your property.
  • Negotiation skills – The job of an estate agent is to negotiate between buyer and seller to find the middle ground on wants and needs, barter on price to suit both parties and make the deal. This is great if you feel too anxious or lack the confidence to do this by yourself.  

The Property Saviour team includes several skilled negotiators who have bought and sold houses, commercial buildings, land and investment portfolios.  We’ve cut through the red tape, overcome the legal hurdles, sorted the land registry issues, evicted the squatters, resolved the planning permission bungles and successfully sold properties that had no chance of selling via traditional methods.

Disadvantages of using an estate agent to sell your house

Estate agent valuations v. RICS valuations

If you have invited an estate agent to give you a valuation, ask them if they are members of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). If you instructed them to perform a RICS valuation, will their current valuation match the RICS valuation? If they hesitate to answer these questions, you have a good indication that they will have overpriced your property.

Wavering commitment and enthusiasm

Many estate agents are rewarded for simply getting new properties onto their books and are not usually in a hurry to sell your house fast and lose your ongoing business. They can get bored if there’s no movement and put their energies into another new and exciting sale. You’re left wondering what’s happening, chasing and feeling anxious while they proudly display yet another sold sticker on a property in their window.

Estate agent fees

High street agents can charge as much as 3% plus VAT for selling your property but only get paid when the property is sold. This delayed gratification often causes estate agents, especially the less-experienced junior negotiators, to become bored with any problematic property and seek other sales that offer the adrenaline high of a faster reward.

Unwillingness to take on risky properties

If the property needs improvements such as a new kitchen, new bathroom or a new central heating system, it will put off many buyers.  It is the sort of property that we would love to buy. Do you really want to spend weeks or even months making for your property fit to sell? And then when you eventually do get it on the market, do you want to wait months to get an offer? 

Can an estate agent really help you sell your house quickly when all they do is advertise your property online and wait for the phone to ring? We would rather give you the certainty of a quick cash sale through Property Saviour, so you can relax and move on with your life.

Estate agent contracts – sole v. multi-agency agreements

If your property is not likely to be a straightforward sale, for example if it has structural defects, damp or needs a dramatic renovation in order to be appealing, you won’t want to risk going with a “sole agency” agreement as you will be limiting your options to the one agency. 

Multi agency contracts are often more suitable – you can advertise across several agents.  However, both estate agents will each require a higher percentage commission as they aren’t guaranteed their commission so they want more in fees in order to pay for their risk, time and inconvenience.

Lengthy sales and conveyancing process

If you want to sell a house fast with an estate agent, you may be disappointed as it can take between 3 months to 6 months.  This will depend on whether the buyer has secured a mortgage offer in principle, whether the solicitors for both sides are proactive in their conveyancing duties, the bank’s appetite to lend in a changing market, and whether your buyer has fallen in love with another property in the meantime.

Buyer affordability and Covid-19 uncertainty

The Coronavirus Pandemic has hit a lot of families quite hard in terms of income, financial stability and consideration towards sensible lifestyle choices.  Some people who were thinking of moving before Covid-19 hit the world have become more cautious, whereas others have developed a ‘now or never’ mindset with increased risk-taking persona.

Last year’s unexpected mini-boom is rolling on into 2021, with new price and market activity records again defying many predictions. Buyer affordability is increasingly stretched, but there’s obviously some elasticity left to stretch a bit more as many buyers are squeezing their way into higher price bands. This high demand, with both willingness and ability to pay more, has pushed the average price of property coming to market to a new all-time high of a third of a million pounds.

Tim Bannister - Director of Property, Rightmove

Nothing is certain – unless you sell to Property Saviour

The main takeaway here is to remember that nothing is certain in the property world and a buyer who thought they could afford your house may suddenly pull out of the chain after months of negotiations, leaving you back to square one. If you instruct Property Saviour to sell your home, there is the certainty of a fast sale as we are the buyer, we do have the funds and we’re happy to prove it. 

Brexit impact on the residential property sector

Prior to the Brexit vote, many estate agents were able to call upon buy-to-let investors to buy properties.  This landscape has now changed as landlords and investors are running for the hills. 

Property investors are selling up whole portfolios because of tax changes, including no longer being able to write off mortgage interest as a tax-deductible expense and the imposition of additional stamp duty (SDLT).

There is still a lot of uncertainty around the changes Brexit will bring in the future as we adapt to new ways of trading and differing regulations.

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"Cash offer was more than I thought it would be" - Ellie Gordon (Google review)

Genuine cash buyers​​

As professional cash house buyers, we are not reliant on mortgages, therefore we can buy your property with great speed and efficiency. Our average completion takes just 19 days! This includes weekends too. Our fastest cash house sale took just 5 days!​


We can exchange contracts in days​

  • You tell us when you’d like to exchange contracts
  • We can provide proof of funds and exchange contracts in days 
  • We will complete – often in under 10 days

We pay your conveyancing and legal fees

If you choose to sell with Property Saviour, we will pay your legal fees of up to £1,500.

We're human and we care

We realise that our clients are often in a tough situation, worrying about the bills or struggling to keep the wolves from the door.  If you’re in lots of debt already, you simply won’t be able to pay house selling fees and so the vicious cycle continues. This can have such a massive effect on your emotional wellbeing to the point where some people end up feeling hopeless, depressed or even suicidal. 

Our team are very sensitive to the issues you will be facing. Be honest with us, that’s all we ask. Let us help you break free.

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