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Pam and Dave Sold Inherited Property

When Dave unexpectedly inherited a property in Liverpool that was meant for his son, life became complicated.

Pam seller in Liverpool

Dave had inherited a property with historic bank charges.

Dave owned the property as a tenant in common with his ex-wife.  His relationship broke down after his children had grown up, and he moved out.  He married Pam and started a new chapter.

The house was meant for his son, but unfortunately, he passed away soon after his mother.  Dave inherited the house, and he wanted to sell it.

Their house needed work, and his ex-wife borrowed from 4 different lenders.  This meant four sets of financial charges, and some of these banks had gone into administration.  Due to complex title issues, the house could not be sold on the open market.

He contacted us, and we reassured him that we would do anything to help.  We worked with Pam, and over four months, the Land Registry removed all charges.  It was a complicated process, but we helped Pam along the way, who was superb.

Dave didn’t know that his ex-wife had released equity 30 years ago.  But thankfully, after the 2008 financial crisis, some of these sub-prime banks were merged, and two went into administration.  

Their solicitor had said it couldn’t be done, and working closely with Pam, we did it.

As soon as the charges were removed, we completed the purchase.  We bought the property and offered to do the house clearance for free. 

Ours was an inherited property and our first experience of selling.

It was already a traumatic time for us due to bereavement, and now a house to sell too!

We researched several ‘we-buy-any-house‘ companies before we came upon Property Saviour. It was their price promise that attracted us, their guarantee to honour the agreed price.

Reading the genuine reviews and watching their online video convinced us, and from the very first conversation with Saddat, we felt completely at ease; we had made the right decision.

The offer was generous, we accepted & it was expected to be a quick and easy transaction, but due to no fault of Saddat, we experienced no end of problems & delays with the Land Registry.

The property came with complex, unexpected restrictions on the title. Our solicitor was reluctant to assist, so we were on our own.

It took us four months to have the restrictions removed, and in those four months interest rates had skyrocketed.

Still, Saddat acted as a true gentleman; he never faltered, and we received the exact amount promised.

We had worried that the delays would halt the sale, but Saddat never gave up on us! Quite the contrary. He helped and advised us every complicated step of the way. We would solve one problem, and another would arise. Still, Saddat never faltered, his knowledge and encouragement kept us going, even to the point of him calling just to check on our welfare (we are elderly) It was not just ‘about the house’.

We cannot fault our experience with Property Saviour and would recommend them for their honesty, trustworthiness, professionalism & kindness. We would not hesitate to 100% recommend Property Saviour and Saddat.

We are extremely happy with the outcome of the sale.


Pam & Dave

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