Sell Your House for Cash

If you’ve decided to sell your house quickly for cash, we will  make the process smooth and efficient to let you move on.

We really do buy any house in England

Property Saviour is an experienced cash house buying company.  We’re not like all the others.  Our small friendly team is based in Leeds and we love getting out to meet our clients in person.  Whilst we are very active in Leeds, WakefieldBradford, Huddersfield, Sheffield and West Yorkshire in general, we operate across England with previous clients spanning the West Midlands, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Suffolk, Surrey and London. 

Reputable cash property buyers

You’ve probably seen adverts for “We Buy Any House” and similar “sell house fast” websites which claim to be able to give you an instant cash offer.  Reality is that there are only a few genuine companies that buy houses. 

Unfortunately, there are no barriers to entry within “we buy any house” industry.  Anyone can set-up a website, a phone number and they are in the property buying business.  There are a lot of wannabe property investors with no cash.  So what do they do?  They become ‘property sourcers’.  By advertising online to attract sellers looking for a quick sale.  These ‘property sourcers’ will then promise to buy your house whilst they are pitching your property in Facebook groups for buy-to-let investors.

Buy-to-let investors will want to obtain a mortgage to buy your house, as they want to leverage a buy-to-let mortgage and put down the least amount of deposit. 

You maybe asked to sign a 6-month exclusivity contract whilst your property is sold to a buy-to-let investor.  The whole process can take months to conclude if the bank agrees to lend the investor the money.  But the problem is that you need to sell now.

We buy damaged & unmortgageable homes

Unlike a typical buyer, we don’t care if your property is a mess. If it has no windows, no roof or no plumbing.  Why?  Because we’re here for one reason and that’s to give you money for your house.  We will refurbish the property. Regardless, you don’t need to worry about finding the right buyer or waiting for everything to fall into place in a chain.

Uninhabitable or in a state of disrepair

Has your house been burned, flooded or treated badly by tenants? Depending on the state of disrepair, if the house is deemed uninhabitable (no bathroom, kitchen, electrics, plumbing or roof) a buyer would never be able to get a mortgage for it.  You’re then stuck, unable to sell or move on with next chapter of your life.

If you want to sell your property and it is not in great condition, then you probably won’t want to advertise it via an estate agent.  A discreet sale via Property Saviour can be a viable option.  We are genuine cash buyers and we specialise in properties affected by:

We buy inherited & probate houses

If you’ve recently inherited a property after a loved passed away, first of all, our condolences. We realise you can be under pressure to decide whether to keep the property for rental income, sell it to fund your future plans or use it to pay off your existing mortgage.  

An emotional time for anyone, it’s best to seek advice and know your options. Renting out a property is far from simple, you will probably need a managing agent and tenant’s don’t always behave respectfully or pay their rent on time. Many of our clients prefer to get the cash quickly so they can start to move on with their life as their beloved parent or spouse would want for them.

We buy properties in broken chains

When a property chain breaks down, you can end up losing out on your next move. It’s heartbreaking. Often the only way out of a chain, is to get a cash buyer like Property Saviour to step in and buy your broken chain house quickly. 

Other personal reasons to sell your house for cash

  • Financial hardship can result from debt, poor money management or redundancy.  You may want to sell your house to free up funds.  
  • Relationship breakdowns and divorce leave many people unable to pay the mortgage on their own after their partner, husband or wife left.  Selling voluntarily before repossession is enforced allows you to stay in control of the process. 
  • Failing health and disability can also strike anyone at any time. Chronic pain conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia, ME, MS and arthritis can gradually limit your ability to work and thus maintain payments on your home. 
  • Sudden accidents and injuries can require a property to be adapted or where this impractical, for the homeowner to consider moving somewhere more suitable for their needs.

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"Cash offer was more than I thought it would be" - Ellie Gordon (Google review)

Selling your house to a cash buyer

Sellers we deal with are keen to achieve certainty and speed, rather than the uncertainty of how long a sale may take via other channels. 

The process of selling a house fast is simple:

  1. Call us on 0113 320 6700 or fill in our enquiry form
  2. We will call you to find out more information about the property
  3. We will then make an offer on the property
  4. We will tell you if you are better off with an estate agent or whether you are better off selling to a cash buyer like Property Saviour
  5. We will pay for a survey at our own cost and then proceed with legals

Only a true cash house buyer is able to buy a property within a few days. Property Saviour has been buying houses for cash for over 10 years.

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Genuine cash buyers

As professional cash house buyers, we are not reliant on mortgages.  We will buy your property with great speed and efficiency. Our average completion takes just 19 days! This includes weekends too. Our fastest cash house sale took just 5 days!


We can exchange contracts in days

  • You tell us when you’d like to exchange contracts
  • We can provide proof of funds and exchange contracts in days 
  • We will complete – often in under 10 days

We pay your conveyancing and legal fees

If you choose to sell with Property Saviour, we will pay your legal fees up to £1,500

We're human and we care

We realise that our clients are often in a tough situation, worrying about the bills or struggling to keep the wolves from the door.  If you’re in lots of debt already, you simply won’t be able to pay house selling fees and so the vicious cycle continues. This can have such a massive effect on your emotional wellbeing to the point where some people end up feeling hopeless, depressed or even suicidal. 

Our team are very sensitive to the issues you will be facing. Be honest with us, that’s all we ask. Let us help you break free.

Smiling Mick

House with structural issues sold fast

Property Saviour bought a house with structural movement. We sold our house to Property Saviour as it had structural movement in the past. I found Saddat to be very helpful and pleasant to deal with at all times.  Highly recommended.

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Dr Joe

Quick house sale in Derbyshire

I was looking to sell my property quickly after being offered a job abroad, I needed to sell within a month. After contacting a number of ‘we buy any house’ companies that were advertising online I was becoming a little disappointed as there was no transparency or real offers. I requested information such as their […]

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