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Usman Sold His Home After Buyer Pulled Out

Things were going well for Usman.  This Bradford couple had found their dream home, and subsequently, he agreed to the sale of his own house.  

Unfortunately, his buyer then changed their mind, causing stress and anxiety.  Having spent many hours researching the new area and its amenities and then hunting for their perfect property, they were understandably devastated by hearing the chain had broken when their buyer was refused a mortgage.

Usman was stuck in a complex chain and wanted a quick sale.

Problem: How to deal with a broken property chain?

When your buyer falls through, it disrupts the whole chain of buyers and sellers dependent on each other – a property chain.  You can’t sell your house. Therefore, you can’t get the proceeds to buy the house you want; the next person in the chain can’t buy their new house until their current house has been sold. 

Property Saviour has a great deal of experience regarding housing chains collapsing. We understand its impact on your plans, finances, well-being, and relationships.

Option 1: Wait for a new buyer... and risk missing out

The most obvious option may be to sit tight and wait for a new buyer to come along – if you have the time and haven’t set your mind on a certain property or area. But Usman really needed to sell his house quickly, as they needed to be in the right catchment area for a new school. Quick thinking needed!

Option 2: Sell your house quickly to a cash buyer

Usman found Property Saviour through one of our online ads and he got in touch immediately.  We made an offer on the same day which was gratefully accepted.  We then instructed solicitors on his behalf, so he didn’t even have to deal with all the legals. What a relief!

Bradford property sold quickly & efficiently

As I live in Bradford I couldn’t sell my house quickly when we found our dream property. Our estate agent had found us a buyer but they couldn’t get a mortgage, and we had put down a deposit on new build property. We couldn’t lose this property because it was in the catchment area for a school!

So we looked for cash house buyers and came across Property Saviour. From the minute, I spoke with them, they were professional and very efficient. Our property was valued within 2 days and an offer was made. Completion took place at our preferred date. We were allowed 28 days to move out which was great!



Result: Broken chain property sold for cash!

We arranged to complete the house sale on a date that suited Usman and his family.  We were able to work with him to offer him a few days to stay at the property once the sale was completed, making his onward move much easier. The family settled well into their new area and were able to secure their choice of school.

do you have a property to sell?

Property Saviour will buy your property in any condition.  There are no fees to pay.  We can complete within 10 days.

Sell with certainty & speed

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