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Effortlessly Sell a House near Power Lines

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Properties located under the power lines or close to an electricity substation can be harder to sell.   These power lines are also referred to as electric pylons or pylons.

In 2002, a study carried out by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) looked at the evidence as to whether living close to electricity power lines could cause cancer, and declared that there was a possible cause of childhood leukaemia – but there was not enough evidence to come to a clear conclusion.

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Is it dangerous to live near power lines?

Following these findings, many buyers distrust the expert and power companies’ statement that there is no risk.  While no strong evidence suggests a link between living close to power lines and cancer, buyers would rather not take a chance.

Electrical Power lines against clear Sky
Potential buyers perceive electric lines to be dangerous

Is it hard to sell a house near power lines?

Power lines emit radiation known as low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  With any potential buyer worried about the resale value, you can refer them to the Health and Safety Executive’s useful resource that will give them some reassurance.

Do power lines affect the value of a property?

The real issue is the feelings and perceptions of the potential buyers.  Given the choice, they are likely to buy a house that is not under pylons or near an electric substation.  Property surveyors suggest that property could be downvalued by as much as 25% because of this issue – and banks often use this down valuation as an excuse not to lend against these types of properties.

Any potential homebuyer can instruct an electromagnetic field survey to check for where underground electricity cables are and how much radiation is being emitted – but they are unlikely to pay this sum if they already have second thoughts.

Electromagnetic fields and power companies

One way to establish EMF ratings is to contact your power company and ask them about the level and strength of EMF and whether they have identified any risks for those living nearby.

Each company will have their own rules to follow and may not reveal its reports, citing commercial confidentiality as their reason.

There are low levels of EMF from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, radio and remote controls within any home, but potential buyers think that electric substations or pylons emit higher levels of EMF.

How close is too close to a power substation
If you try to sell your home, a surveyor’s report will likely highlight the proximity of substations or lines.

How far away from power line or substation should you live?

Under current laws, you will need to live at least 50 meters away as it is deemed a safety risk.  If you try to sell your home, a surveyor’s report will likely highlight the proximity of substations or lines.  This can make a property difficult to sell as lenders refuse to lend against a property deemed risky.

For extra peace of mind, you can hire the National Grid to carry out EMF readings at an additional cost.

Pros and Cons of living near power line or a substation


  • Prices can be more affordable
  • You can get EMF readings
  • Legislation determines how close a property can be


  • It is harder to sell a property due to potential buyer’s perception
  • Property could be unmortgageable, particularly within 50 metres of power lines or substation

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