Easiest Way to Sell a Property with Tenants in Situ

With our anti-landlord media and what appears to be a government policy to drive landlords out of property market, it no wonder you are considering selling your property with tenants in situ.

We believe that landlords provide an essential service, by putting roofs over people’s head – and providing a safe accommodation that their tenants can call a home.

With a huge increase in legislation, in our opinion landlords have become immigration officers with right to rent checks, paying an inflated amount of tax on rent turnover rather than profit and now being threatened with lifetime tenancies.  Many landlords voted for the Conservative party hoping they are the party for businesspeople, but Conservatives appear to be implementing Labour’s policies.

Many landlords have decided that enough is enough and they wish to sell their investment property and move on.  We understand that you wish to make a financially right decision.

Selling a tenanted property can leave with you with a real quandary as you might not want the hassle of evicting the tenant, there’s a possibility that the tenant can stop paying rent or damage the property.  We have a solution for you to sell your property with tenants in situ.

We have a confession to make.  We absolute love tenanted properties.  This is because we see them as an income producing assets.  Yes they may need a refurbishment at the end of their tenancy agreement but they are still far superior than an empty property that is not making any money.  You can simply just fill in our enquiry form to see how we can help you sell your tenanted property within a quick timeframe without the hassle.

What does a property sold with tenant in situ mean?

Often properties are sold with tenants in situ.  It means an opportunity for anyone to buy a tenanted property who will remain in occupation following the purchase.  Since section 24 tax has gone live, a lot of landlords are exiting the property sector.  This where Property Saviour can offer to buy your tenanted property.

To let boards outside properties in London
There are fewer rental properties on the market because of anti-landlord sentiment and landlords exiting property sector.

What rights does a tenant in situ have?

When a house is being sold with tenants in situ, it means a tenant will continue to live there once the sale has completed.  The buyer will become their landlord and the tenancy agreement transfers over as part of the sale.

Can you evict a tenant in situ?

It depends on terms of your tenancy agreement.  With government introducing non-fault evictions to stop landlords selling properties, it has made it a lot harder to evict. 

If you speak to any estate agent, they are bound to tell you that you should provide vacant possession when marketing a property for sale.  They just want their commission.  Even if you can evict the tenant, you will lose rental income, you could be waiting months in court and there’s no guarantee that the sale will go through.

Property chains are messy and notoriously known for sales falling through.  Another key challenge is conducting viewings.  Is worth the hassle of falling out with the tenant and he/she stops paying the rent and demands that you evict them via a bailiff using a court order?  With fewer rental properties on the market, councils and your local Citizen Advice are giving this advice to their clients.

If you have lovely tenants morally selling with in-situ tenants is preferable to most landlords.  The easiest and quickest sale comes from Property Saviour.  We’ll buy your tenanted property for cash regardless of its condition. 

Can you sell a house with tenants living in it UK?

Yes absolutely.  You can sell your property with current tenant to Property Saviour.  We love cash flowing properties.  Even if your property needs work, we will still buy it.  With just one viewing, we can buy it or if you prefer not for us to view, we will require recent photographs of the property.

Because we are genuine cash buyers, there are no delays.  The sale can be completed within 2-3 weeks.  How soon can you get your solicitor to prepare a legal pack and send it across to our solicitor?  We’ll indemnify searches and pay £1,500 towards your legal fees.

Our We Buy Any House service really does what it says on the tin.  Whether you are a seasonal landlord about to retire or a landlord with a single buy to let property, we are here help you start the next chapter of your life.

2 months notice is required by law.  However, UK government is consulting on Fairer Private Sector whitepaper designed to stop no fault evictions.

You simply can’t evict because you wish to sell a tenanted property.  Tenant could stop paying your rent and demand that you obtain a court eviction order – this currently has a 12-month backlog.