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How To Get A FENSA Certificate?

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Window certification isn’t something to be taken lightly. FENSA regulations are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. If you’re selling your home, or installing new doors or windows, then you’ll need FENSA certification.

But what is FENSA, and what does it stand for? What is FENSA certification and why are they regulating your renovations? Let’s take a closer look at FENSA how they protect your new doors and windows, and what you can do to make sure they approve any changes you make to your property.

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What Is A FENSA Certificate?

FENSA, an acronym for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, is a government program designed to ensure UK homeowners have safe and energy-efficient doors and windows.

Items with FENSA certification are registered to a list of safe products and come with the guarantee that the installation was done safely and legally.

A FENSA certificate is essentially a government-issued document that verifies that a home is safe, secure, and eco-friendly; it’s a must-have when selling your home, so if you don’t have one, it could potentially hinder a sale.

It’s no different than a home inspection in that it assures that a home is safe for habitation, so there’s no excuse to not make sure your home is FENSA-certified.

What Does A FENSA Certificate Do?

When you get your home approved with a FENSA guarantee, you are demonstrating to the law that your home is safe and secure.

If you receive a new FENSA certification after the installation of your door or window, it means that the installer you worked with is a recommended safe installer. However, FENSA only covers exterior doors, windows and skylights.

If you want to work on your porch, your conservatory or any new builds on your property, you will need to speak to different people. FENSA certifications are only applicable for exterior alterations on pre-existing structures that are intended for human habitation.

If you are constructing a commercially-rated venue, FENSA may not be the scheme you’re looking for.

How To Get A FENSA Certificate
A FENSA certificate is essentially a government-issued document that verifies that a home is safe, secure, and eco-friendly.

Do you need a FENSA certificate?

If you are selling a home, you need a FENSA certificate. This shows that your home is safe to live in and that your doors and windows do not have any dangerous defects or questionable installation.

Not having a FENSA certificate can be a deterrent for potential buyers, so it is important to get one. FENSA is an organisation that is dedicated to ensuring your home does not cause any accidental injury.

A FENSA certification means that the home will be safe for the next owner to live in with their family.

How can you get a FENSA certification for your windows?

Obtaining a FENSA certification, if you don’t already have one, is straightforward. Usually, your window installer will send you one several weeks after installation, which you should save for future reference.

If your window installer does not send you your FENSA certification, or you installed a type of window that does not come with a pre-built FENSA certification, you can use an alternate route.

You can visit the official FENSA website at, where you can find various forms and an abundance of information about the scheme.

Registering with FENSA is essential for you and your home, and thankfully, you can do this online to make sure your installation runs smoothly. FENSA is easy to reach online, so be sure to use their website and avoid looking for a contact number. Utilise their helpful tools to make sure everything is perfect.

How Long Does A FENSA Certification Last?

Installing a new fixture with FENSA certification guarantees the safety of your home for the future. It’s easy to find a licensed window installer to get the job done. Plus, the certification itself will stay with your doors or windows as long as they do!

Who Are FENSA-Registered Companies
If your windows don't have a FENSA certificate, it may present a problem for you and your home sale.

FENSA-Registered Companies

Finding FENSA-registered companies is easy. They all have an identifiable number, and many of them proudly advertise that they are FENSA-certified.

You can use the FENSA website’s search tool to find certified companies near you to install your new window or door. A FENSA certification can only be earned when you hire a licensed FENSA installer, so it’s important to make sure you get the right person for the job.

FENSA regulations for windows can be stringent, and it’s better to ensure that they are met from the start instead of having to go back and fix them when the home inspection occurs.

If your windows don’t have a FENSA certificate, it may present a problem for you and your home sale.

Getting A FENSA Certification For Your Home

Check your FENSA Certification regularly to stay up to date with your home safety. Getting a FENSA certificate should be an easy process, especially when you use the tools available on the scheme’s website.

FENSA windows and doors are an excellent way of making sure your home meets building code requirements.

Be sure to use a FENSA-licensed installer for perfect results in your living space. Avoid working with installers who are not FENSA registered. To ensure your home is safe, make sure it is FENSA-compliant.

If you need a replacement FENSA certification or a duplicate, this can also be done on their website. Keeping your home safe doesn’t have to be difficult, and the best place to start is with FENSA-certified doors and windows.

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