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What Is The Quickest A House Sale Can Go Through?

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The house sale process can be a major concern for sellers. After all, you want your home to sell quickly. So, how long does it take? It depends on the type of buyer and how you decide to sell your home.

If you want the sale to go smoothly, it’s important to understand the process and the type of buyer who may be interested in your property. Knowing this information will help you make sure the sale goes as quickly as possible.

By understanding the buyer and the process, you can make sure that the house sale moves along quickly and efficiently. It’ll also help you ensure that you get the best price for your home.

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The Quickest House Sale

If you’re wondering how quickly you can sell a house, the answer is quite straightforward. If you have a cash buyer with no chain involved, it’ll usually take only a few days to complete the sale. Experienced UK cash buyers can finish the transaction in as little as two weeks.

However, if the buyer is new to the market and doesn’t have any experience in purchasing property, it may take a bit longer.

Make sure to plan a month at least for the sale to go through. The reason for this is that inexperienced cash buyers may need time to get their teams together, which can cause delays for the seller.

Cash buyers are usually the fastest when it comes to house sales because they don’t need to conduct any searches. The length of time it takes for the average cash buyer to complete the sale depends on the individual.

Generally, you can expect the sale to be finalized between two weeks and a month after the agreement has been made.

How Long Does it Take to Buy a House in the UK with an Estate Agent?

If you’re wondering how long it might take to sell a house with an estate agent, you’re not alone. Working with an estate agent could still be a speedy process, but it’s not likely to be as fast as when you work with a cash buyer.

Many house sales that involve an estate agent involve a chain and a mortgage, which is why it takes longer. When you have a buyer with a chain, they need to wait for someone else to purchase their own house before they can buy yours.

A buyer with a mortgage needs to wait for their paperwork to be approved and for a valuation of your house to be done. This whole process can take up to four months to complete, though it typically will take two.

If you’re wondering how long it would take to sell a house with an estate agent and no chain, it can usually be done in just over a month. This is provided that the mortgage paperwork goes through smoothly and the solicitors move quickly.

What Is The Quickest A House Sale Can Go Through
Cash buyers are usually the fastest when it comes to house sales because they don't need to conduct any searches.

The Bottom Line

Selling or buying a house in the UK can take varying amounts of time. A cash sale can be incredibly quick, even if the buyer is inexperienced. Similarly, an auction can be settled rapidly. However, more conventional sales may take longer.

It is usually necessary for the seller to provide paperwork to their solicitor and for the buyer to sort out financing and other paperwork on their end. If there is not enough time for a traditional sale, then a fast cash buyer such as a home investment company may be a good option.

While this may not be as financially beneficial as other methods, it does enable the seller to complete the sale in a matter of days.

Any thoughts about selling your home?

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