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What Is A Telephone/Proxy Bid?

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Telephone or proxy bidding allows those who cannot attend the auction in person to still participate.

With telephone bidding, an agent from the auction team will call you during the auction.

They will inform you of the current bid and any competing bids that come in. They will act on your instructions and bid for you. However, the telephone connection can be lost, so it might be wise to provide your maximum bid in advance, just in case.

Proxy bidding means that you give the auction team your maximum bid and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to your maximum.

They will try to secure the property for you, either at or below your maximum bid if possible. If the bids in the room exceed your maximum, then your proxy bid will be terminated.

Remote bidders must always do their due diligence in advance. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers!

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Do I need to pre-register to bid?

If you are planning to attend an auction, you may need to register in advance. This is usually done through an online system, where you can indicate which properties you are interested in bidding on.

However, if you do not wish to register beforehand, you can just turn up at the venue approximately 30-45 minutes before the auction begins. This will give you enough time to register before the auction starts.

I can’t make it to the auction. Can I still bid?

Yes, you can but you need to coordinate with the auction team before auction day. We provide a telephone bidding and proxy bidding option, as well as the ability to bid live online in some rooms.

If you can’t attend the auction in person, the safest way to bid is by Proxy.

To do this, fill out the Bidding Form that can be found in our catalogues and on our website. If you prefer, you can also opt for Telephone bidding.

For this, a member of the auction team will take your bidding instructions and bid on your behalf in the room. However, this is subject to signal strength and we can’t guarantee a stable connection

With telephone bidding, an agent from the auction team will call you during the auction.

Can I bid online?

It is possible to bid online for an in-room auction lot. However, this service is only offered by a few auction rooms. Other methods of non-attending bidding, such as telephone or proxy, are still preferred.

Internet speeds may be an issue in the auction room and for potential bidders, and connections can be lost. So, ask the auction team if they can take internet bids. If not, let them know which alternative method you would like to use.

How do I bid at auction?

Attending an auction for the first time can be intimidating, but bidding isn’t hard. We offer several ways to bid, primarily in person in the room.

If you can’t attend in person, you can still bid over the phone, have an auctioneer bid on your behalf (proxy bidding), or in some auction rooms, bid live online. To ensure that your bid is accommodated if you can’t attend, please contact us in advance.

If you’re bidding in person, you just need to wait for the lot you want to bid on and raise your hand clearly to get the auctioneer’s attention.

They’ll know to keep looking for you if you wish to bid again. If you’re feeling nervous, you can bring someone to bid on your behalf, or a member of the auction team can help.

Is it possible to accidentally bid

No, this should never happen. An auctioneer needs to make eye contact with each bidder when they start bidding and usually confirm that they are bidding on purpose before accepting the bid. Don’t worry about accidentally buying a property at an auction; this doesn’t occur.

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