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Can You Insure a House That Is Going Through Probate?

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Insuring a house that is going through probate is an absolute must. It may seem like an unnecessary additional expense; however, we have seen arson attacks on empty properties resulting in a loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Even if you buy a policy, the cover maybe restricted or some with certain conditions which must be met.

Here at Property Saviour, we will reimburse you the cost of insurance if you sell your property to us.  Or we can quickly exchange contracts and put the property on our insurance cover.

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Can you insure a house that is going through probate?

Of course, you can insure a house that’s going through probate. However, you will require a specialist empty homes insurance policy with full cover. 

What is classed as an unoccupied house?

In insurance terms, an unoccupied property is a building with no one living there. Even if the property is furnished, it is classified as unoccupied or empty if no one lives there.

What is probate house insurance?

Probate home insurance can be placed on a house in probate to provide security while the legal process is ongoing. This house insurance during probate often includes regular inspections of the property and the installation of security systems recommended by the insurers to obtain a more competitive quote.

Can you insure a house that is going through probate
Empty insurance cover requires weekly inspections, an alarm or CCTV plus property maintained in good condition.

Who is the insurance issued to?

When insuring a house in probate, the insurer must confirm that the interested party has an ‘insurable interest’ in the property. This means verifying that the party would suffer a loss should the property be damaged or broken into.

In the case of probate property insurance, this means verifying that the party is the likely eventual owner of the house once all legal proceedings have taken place. This interested party can also be the Executor of a Will.

Why is vacant home insurance so expensive?

Unoccupied house insurance typically carries a higher cost compared to standard home insurance. This is primarily due to the increased risk of break-ins, vandalism, and water leaks.

Why insure an empty house?

Unoccupied properties are at a higher risk of experiencing significant losses because no one lives in the property to detect any potential issues that may arise.

For instance, leaking pipes can cause extensive water damage to the structure of the buildings and any contents within.

A house is expensive to buy or rebuild and a dispute with neighbour can result in arson attack. Above - a property that was attacked with no insurance.

Is house insurance void if the house is empty?

Firstly, after 30 days of being unoccupied, most home insurance policies become void. Therefore, the homeowner would need an empty home insurance policy to protect against theft or damage.

Can you insure someone else's house?

Yes, you can insure someone else’s house, such as insuring a property on behalf of a deceased parent or a loved one or if you are acting as an Executor.

Even if you are paying the premium, it is best to be fully transparent with the insurance company so that they understand who the beneficiaries in the event of a claim will be.

What insurance is needed for an unoccupied house awaiting probate?

You will require empty home insurance with full perils cover.

What happens if you leave a house empty?
You should either consider moving into an empty house until it is sold or ask a friend or relative to stay there.

What happens if you leave a house empty?

There are several risks that your property is vulnerable to when left unoccupied.  These risks include:

  1. Burglary:Thieves are more likely to target a home they believe is unoccupied.  Learn how to secure an empty house.
  2. Vandalism:An empty home can be an easy target for vandalism. Common issues include broken windows, graffiti, and arson.
  3. Water Damage:Burst water pipes can pose a significant hazard and are often costly to repair. Properties left empty in winter are particularly at risk.
  4. Fire:Besides the risk of arson, fires can be caused by faulty wiring, gas leaks, or a poorly maintained heating system. The risk of significant damage is much higher in unoccupied properties, as hazards often go unnoticed until it is too late.
  5. Criminal damage:Sadly, criminals target empty properties to convert them into illegal cannabis factories with damage running into tens of thousands of pounds.
  6. Squatters:The longer a home remains unoccupied, the more appealing it becomes to squatters. Evicting squatters can often result in a lengthy and costly legal battle.

Can Property Saviour Help?

We will buy your house for cash to save you the trouble of dealing with an estate agent.  With no fees to pay and a free house clearance, you can move on to the next chapter of your life.

If you sell to us, we will also re-imburse your cost of insurance as well. With so many five-star reviews, what’s not to like?

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