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We are passionate about turning unloved empty houses into loving homes.  We need your help to rescue properties.

According to the House of Commons, there are 676,304 recorded empty homes in England.  With demand for renting at all times high and huge waiting lists for social homes, not enough is being done to get these homes back into use.  When there’s a nationwide housing crisis, this isn’t acceptable.

We need your help.  By reporting unused, rundown properties, we can track down owners and potentially bring them back into family homes.  This also gets rid of the menace of vandalism, squatters, pest infestations, cannabis farms and damp issues.

Whether you are a keen walker, cyclist or runner, you can turn every unmodernised empty home into a positive outcome for you, for the community and for us.  So, keep a lookout, and when you find an empty property, report it to us.  

Receive up to £2,000 if we can buy it. With your help in reporting empty homes and using our team of specialist researchers, we can track down owners of derelict and abandoned properties.

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How it works?


  1. Find the derelict or empty property.
  2. Send photos, addresses, and any supporting information via email.
  3. The property must be freehold, not owned by a council or housing association, and confirmed as long-term empty by the local empty homes officer.
  4. Then, it is over to our property research team to see if we can buy.

We’ll try and track down the owner of the property, make them a cash offer, and if they accept, we will ask you to send us an invoice for £1,000.  The invoice will be settled on the day of completion.  Rest assured, however long it takes, we will pay you.

If you can speak to neighbours and get us to speak to the owner, we’ll pay you £2,000 per property and you can report as many you like.  That’s provided we can  buy them of course.

As a result of our process, abandoned properties are put back into use, creating homes that positively contribute towards your community rather than spoiling it.  You will be the local Property Saviour because of your efforts; a local foodbank gets a donation, too.

Whether you own an empty or dilapidated property, our team are friendly and here to help.  Give Property Saviour a call on 0113 320 6700. We will do our best to bring empty homes back into use.

A property may fall into disrepair for several reasons

Maybe the owner has gone into care or moved away.  The property could be unregistered, or children have inherited their home after their parents have passed away.

Emotional attachment to the property or facing financial difficulties can result in not deciding what to do with the property.  Despite their best intentions, life can get in the way, and it remains empty and, over time, dilapidated.

Report an empty property
Whether you own an empty or dilapidated property, our team are friendly and here to help.  

A cash offer to the owner and a reward to you as a thank you.

Of course, we can’t force an owner to sell their property, but we are able to track down most owners of vacant properties and make them a cash offer.  If they sell, you get a minimum of £1,000 reward as a thank you.  Your local food bank also receives a donation of £250.

What happens when a house sits unoccupied?

An empty home is an easy target for vandalism, broken windows, theft of copper pipes resulting in burst water pipes, arson attacks and graffiti.  Empty properties can turn into drug dens, cannabis farms and squatters can move in.

Abandoned properties quickly turn into eyesores, bringing down the local value of homes.  The council may have secured empty property by boarding it up.

how to find vacant property owners?
If the house next door is abandoned, chances are that your local empty homes office at the council is aware of it.  

Putting empty homes back to use

By reporting an empty property, you will be giving your local area a boost.  This will cut down on anti-social activities that accompany a rundown property.  

You will be a superhero by enabling us to buy the property, renovate it and get a family to buy it or rent it.  You will be rewarded for your efforts with a minimum of £1,000, plus your local foodbank gets a £250 donation, too.

What to do if the house next door is abandoned?

If the house next door is abandoned, chances are that your local empty homes office at the council is aware of it.  It is worth checking if you can report it as an empty house.  Would the owner consider selling an empty property?

Local councils are aware of most long-term vacant or empty properties.  However, due to GDPR laws, they are unable to share information with you and certainly won’t help you relocate the owners of the property.

Reporting an empty property couldn’t be easier, take a picture of an empty house, its address and any background information that you have obtained either by talking to neighbours or the local council, and email it all to us at [email protected]

If the property qualifies, we will send you a £20 voucher and pay you a minimum of £1,000 if we can buy the house.  We’ll also donate £250 towards a local food bank of your choice.

How to find vacant property owners?
By reporting an empty property, you will be giving your local area a boost.  

How to find vacant property owners?

When looking to locate the owner of an abandoned property without resorting to traditional methods, such as asking neighbours, checking the HM Land Registry can provide a quick solution. However, a small fee is required for accessing the registry can reveal the property’s owner.

When you perform a search on HM Land Registry, you’ll conduct what’s known as a ‘title deeds search.’ This search provides access to information about the property owner, as well as other details about the property recorded by the government.

This includes the property’s flood risk indicator, sale price, and whether it’s freehold or leasehold. If you’re seriously considering investing in the property, this method is the most reliable. The cost for a title deeds search is around £3, with additional searches like the flood risk indicator costing an extra £3.

However, you will run into problems if the owner has deceased and their current registered address is the address of the empty house.

How to find out who owns a vacant property?

An electoral register is another way to find out who owns an abandoned property.  When the owner of the property (or inhabitants of the property) are registered to vote, you might find the owner’s name listed next to the property’s address. It’s worth noting that this method isn’t foolproof, as many property owners are not registered to vote.

Former owners may not have updated their new address to the electoral roll, potentially leading to outdated contact information. Nonetheless, even if you find a former owner of the property, they may be able to help you locate the current owner.

How long can a property remain empty?
You will be a superhero by enabling us to buy the property, renovate it and get a family to buy it or rent it.  

Can you do anything about an empty house?

Yes, reporting an empty property to the local council is a great starting point; however, with a lack of funding, they are unlikely to force the owner to do something about it.  

Why not report it to Property Saviour as we will rescue derelict property and turn it into a family home?

How do I report an empty property in the UK?

Reporting an empty property is simple. Just take a picture of the empty house, note down its address, and gather any background information, such as talking to neighbours or checking with the local council. Then, email all the details to us at [email protected].

The more empty homes you report, the higher your chances of success.  Providing background information always helps us, so the more you can share, the better.

If the property qualifies and we can buy it, we will pay you a minimum of £1,000 to buy the house. We will also donate £250 to a local food bank of your choice.

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